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Stay Quirky Liquid Eyeliner Blue BadAss 2

by Tamanna B

Who is it for? Stay Quirky Liquid Eyeliner Blue BadAss 2  is for everyone who is fond of experimenting with eye makeup. This is a bright indigo blue liquid eyeliner, with a matte finish, for all those who would like to occasionally ditch the usual black for an ultra glam look.


Rs 175 for 5ml (Currently available for Rs 139/- on

How to use:

Apply it along the lash line with the applicator.

My experience with Stay Quirky Liquid Eyeliner Blue BadAss 2

Packaging: This eyeliner comes in a sleek blue bottle with a black applicator.

Shade & Pigmentation: There are 9 different and unique shades to choose from.This one is called Badass Blue 2.The color payoff is high. It’s a vibrant indigo blue color. You are good to go in one coat.

Consistency: The texture is not thick nor thin.Glides well and dries quickly. It will look shiny initially but becomes matte in few minutes.

Fragrance: Hardly any, you have to sniff the bottle to get a mild fragrance.

Staying Power: It easily lasts for 6-7 hours.

What do I like about this?

  • Travel-friendly
  • Cute bottle and convenient applicator
  • Affordable
  • Matte Finish
  • Smudge-proof
  • The high color pay off

What don’t I like?

  • More shades of blue should be there.
  • Not easily available.

Would I recommend?

I will recommend this to everyone who likes blue eye makeup. It’s a very affordable eyeliner and there are many other quirky shades to try from.It’s a bright color and which is easy to apply.


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Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Sheer Coral Review

by Tamanna B

Who is it for? Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Sheer Coral is for everyone who needs a slightly tinted lipgloss for everyday use.

Price: Rs 299 for 7.5ml

My Experience with Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss


The lip gloss comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black sponge tip applicator.Its a cute and simple packaging which is very travel-friendly.


The shade Sheer Coral looks bright in the bottle but almost transparent on the lips, maybe that’s why the name sheer coral.


The texture is neither thick nor runny. It has no shimmer and I like that. I don’t like sparkly lip glosses.It’s just a plain medium consistency sheer lip gloss.


The fragrance is pleasant and fruity. I am a fan of fruity and floral fragrances so I really like it.


I have pigmented lips and it looks just like an ordinary lip balm on my lips. So there is almost nil pigmentation. Even if you apply multiple swipes you will end up in a sticky mess and not get any pigmentation.If you are expecting any tinge of coral shade on your lips, you will be disappointed.You need to apply it over a  lipstick or tinted lip balm to get the color.

Staying Power:

 The staying power is not very good either.It will last only 2 to 3 hours without meals. You will need to reapply after that.

What I like about this?
  1. Pocket-friendly.
  2. Pleasant fragrance.
  3. Travel-friendly.
  4. Very moisturizing.
What don’t I like?
  1. Very less color payoff.
  2. Doesn’t last long.
Would I recommend?

I would recommend it to only those who are looking for a daily use lip gloss with sheer color.It has nothing special about it just a plain jane.

Ratings: 3/5

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Joy Pure Aloe Body Lotion 1

Joy Pure Aloe Body Lotion – Worth Buying ?

by Tamanna B

Who is it for?  Joy Pure Aloe Body Lotion is for those looking for a light moisturizer during summers with mild sun protection.


Rs 145/- for 300 gm

I got it on a special offer price of Rs 109/-

How to use:

Apply this body lotion onto your skin and rub until it is fully absorbed.

Joy Pure Aloe Body Lotion

My Experience with Joy Pure Aloe Body Lotion


The lotion comes packed in a sleek pista green plastic bottle with a flip cap which shuts tightly and is spillproof. The bottle looks very similar to vaseline body lotion bottle.


It has a light and creamy texture which gets absorbed quickly by the skin. It is not sticky and heavy. After some time of application, you won’t feel as if you have applied something.


It has a cooling sensation that leaves you feeling good after a tiring day out in the sun. So, out of the six claims by the company, three stand true. It moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin but the other three I am not sure about.


Only thing I felt is it does not last very long. You need to reapply after 3-4 hours.I would not recommend this to people with dry skin as it is good for light moisturization and you might need reapplication. During winters this particular lotion won’t serve the purpose for any kind of skin. You will need some heavy duty moisturizer.


I like the fragrance which is refreshing and nice but fades away soon. You can apply it on the face also, as it is very light.


What did I like?

1- The Light non-greasy formula of the lotion
2- Mild and fresh fragrance of aloe vera

3- Spreads easily
4- Nonsticky and cooling sensation

5- Economical

6- Easy availability.

7- Not animal tested.

What I did not like?

1- Needs reapplication as it does not last long.
2- Contains Parabens.
3- Suitable only for summers.

Would I recommend?

Overall, it’s a good budget buy and has many other variants available. It’s easily available online as well as at any beauty store near you. So go ahead and try it yourself and share your experience with me.

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Elle 18 Lipstick Primrose Blush

by Tamanna B

Who is this lipstick for?  Elle 18 Lipstick Primrose Blush is for anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly lovely pink shade lipstick for daily use.Ideal for newbies in the makeup world and great for college students.

Price: Rs 150 for 4.3 ml

My Experience with Elle 18 Lipstick Primrose Blush

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a bright pink and black case. I like the packaging, the cap shuts tightly so you can definitely carry it along.Its a super cute travel-friendly lipstick.

Shade:  I am totally in love with shade. A gorgeous pink that is subtle yet dramatic. You can build it up for an intense look.It is perfect for summers and will go with almost all outfits.It will suit warm to fair skin tones really well.

Texture:  The texture is creamy and buttery as it is enriched with cocoa butter that has hydrating properties.There is no shimmer and there is a slight shine post application.It’s not matte but slightly glossy in finish.Glides well on the lips and does not bleed too.

Pigmentation: The lipstick has very good pigmentation.In one swipe it does the job well. If you have highly pigmented lips then you can apply more coats.It’s very buildable.Totally happy with the color payoff.

Staying power: Despite so many good things I am not happy with the staying power though. You need to reapply it every 2-3 hours. At this price cannot ask much also.

Fragrance: The lipstick has a nice fragrance.It won’t last long enough and fades away in a few minutes post application.

What do I like about it?

  • Cute Packaging
  • Inexpensive
  • Moisturising and hydrating
  • Smooth application
  • Travel-friendly
  • Good pigmentation
  • Lovely pink shade

What don’t I like about it?

  • Less staying power
  • Transferable


I would definitely recommend this to all those who are on a lookout for a pocket-friendly lipstick.There are many good shades to choose from and this one is a gorgeous pink shade and also it’s a hydrating lipstick so just a swipe and you are good to go.Must buy for college girls.

Product rating: 4/5

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Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

by Tamanna B

Who is it for? Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream is for everyone looking for a daily use Instant Fairness Skin cream that contains sun protection. Let’s look how this olay fairness cream works!

Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

Price: Rs 189/- for 40gm

How to use:

Apply liberally to cleansed face and neck twice a day.

My experience with Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

Packaging: I have a 40gm tube and there is a 20 gm variant also available, both of which are travel-friendly. It’s a cute little tube which is very basic and has nothing fancy about it.

Fragrance: The fragrance is mild and not very overpowering.It is pleasant and nice, lingers on for some time then fades away.

Consistency: The consistency of the cream is neither thick nor thin. Its creamy enough without being thick.It feels light on the skin. You won’t need much, only a tiny amount is enough for each usage.

Effect: Talking about my experience post application, I would say in one word it was “terrible”.My face turned white as if I have applied some white paint on my face.I mean the name of the cream says white light, but I never expected literal whiteness on my face.

Moisturisation: I have combination skin and it did not dry out, in fact, it felt light and moisturizing.

Skin lightening & Sun Protection: Frankly there was no lightening of the skin tone seen, maybe I should have used it longer.I gave up after a week though.Sun protection again I am not sure as they have not mentioned any spf value so you cannot be sure as to how much safe you are in the sun.The kind of whitish cast it leaves behind, you can be sure it has uv protection because that is seen in almost all spf products to some extent.

 What do I like about it?

  • Affordable
  • Compact and travel-friendly.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Moisturising nature.
  • Contains sun protection
  • Easily available

What did I not Like?

  • Leaves a whitish cast on the skin.
  • No instant fairness is seen.
  • No long-term skin lightening is seen.
  • No ingredients list on the tube.

Would I recommend?

No, never will I repurchase it again.It is of no use to me and neither would I recommend it to anybody.You can do a patch test before buying if in case you want to try.From my side, it’s a complete no.

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