Bath and Body Works Poolside Pop Fine Fragrance Mist Review

by Apoorwa Verma
5 minutes read

Who is it for? Bath and Body Work Poolside Pop Fine Fragrance Mist is a light spritz fragrance with notes of sparkling lime, Creamy Woods, Pink Hibiscus, Crushed Cucumber and Drenched Kiwi.

Bath and Body Works Poolside Pop Fine Fragrance MistBath and Body Works Poolside Pop Fine Fragrance Mist


Rs. 400 for 88 ml .

Sensitive skin alert ?


My experience with Bath and Body Works Poolside Pop Fine Fragrance Mist


It comes in a handy plastic bottle which is transparent in color with a pump dispenser in it. Pretty and sturdy pacakaging !!!! I loved it ?


It has a sweet fragrance with notes of crushed cucumber, drenched kiwi, creamy woods, pink hibiscus and sparkling lime.

Staying power 

Has very poor staying power for me almost for 2 hours. It fades but smells does not change .

My experience 

Personally , its very fruity in fragrance as suggested by its notes . I am personally not very fond of fruity smells , I aint like walking and smelling of a fruit . If you prefer the one you definitely will love it . For me, it lasts for almost 2 hours which is again a big isssue . I feel it has got the strong fragrance of kiwi and cucumber which makes it a day time fragrance .Y ou can also wear it on night time but apply it very lightly and mildly .  It has got ga food dispenser which helps applying it in appropriate quantity. It fades after 2 hour , very slight fragrance remain but one thing which is good is that no change in fragrance could be felt .

What all I like ?
  1. Loved the packaging
  2. Nice for sweet fragrance lovers
  3. For day time use
  4. Easily available online
  5. Has got the food dispenser
  6. Gives fresh feeling
  7. Travel friendly packaging
  8. Affordable
What all I don't like?
  1. Not for night time use
  2. Bad stay time
  3. Can even lead to a headache because it isvery sweet
Would I Repurchase or Recommend ?

No , I will not repurchase this again , as I am a musky and fresh fragrance lover . I would suggest you to buy this only if you love sweet fragrance and can deal with bad stay time .

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Sreeparna Ganguly July 30, 2018 - 11:27 PM

I love fruity fragrances but not cucumber… This brand has so many excellent perfumes and body splashes I had set my expectation high.. 🙁
NIce review???