Bollywood Actress Beauty Secrets !

by Vani Saxena
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What do you think that is it that easy to maintain a healthy and a beautiful skin forever? Does it really don’t need any effort? NO. Nobody is born with the flawless beauty. You need to build yourself up. Hard work, willpower, and perseverance is the key to achieve your goals and aspirations. I’m listing down such 5 Indian beauties, about whom you’d be awestruck to know their secret lifestyle to beautiful skin! Check out the Bollywood Actress Beauty Secrets!Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses

Well well, you know their story and not their struggle they go through in achieving this flawless beauty which may even help you a bit.

Hema Malini

Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses 2

Image Credit: India Today

Even in her 60s, the elegant “Dream Girl” of her time is a tough competition to the young actresses.

She starts her day with yoga including pranayama and other exercises like cycling. She intakes a lot of liquids especially water and juices as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body which helps in keeping the skin moist and hydrated. She applies aroma oils on her face and uses minimal make-up for a nourished and a healthy skin.

She eats a healthy diet with a lot of veggies and water and curd.

She also uses anti-aging products and cosmetics and states that there’s no harm in using ’em.

Her flawless looks and grace is something that not only men but women too admire.!

She believes in the ‘less is more’ theory and uses minimal makeup since she wants her skin to breathe and not thickly covered up with chemicals. A night cream known as Aveda is what she applies before going to sleep.


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Image Credit: The Indian Express

Rekha is titled to be the ageless beauty of Bollywood. Her transition from an ugly duckling to a pretty swan has been an inspiration for so many girls. She has a wide fan base for 4 generations. Everybody admires her for her beauty and gratitude.

In her early days, she used to bathe with gram flour or besan only.

She still goes for regular spa treatments i.e Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic spa treatments and believes in the beauty benefits of ancient Ayurveda and Aromatherapy and hence, inculcates both in her spa sessions at home.

She never skips her cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. There is always a moisturizer in her vanity pouch.

Rekha believes in getting happy and a sound sleep is a key to beautiful lifestyle, so she goes to bed early and wakes up early. This also keeps her skin radiant.

She avoids unhealthy, junk, fried and overcooked food.

Rekha lives a disciplined life, stays happy and stress-free, and believes these to be vital attributes of her success and personality.

Kareena Kapoor

Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses 4

Image Credit: Twitter

Kareena’s skin has been the talk of the town ever since K3G got released. Her pink tinted glossy peach skin is what we crave for! I personally have been her fan and envied her beautiful dewy skin.

When asked Kareena, she thanked her mum for having inherited this pretty dew skin.

She also mentions that she doesn’t like being coated heavily with make-up.

Drinking 8-10 glass water is what she really feels is helpful!

Kareena prefers washing her face in the morning since she feels that it strips all the moisture. She just splashes up her face with cold water.

Before going to sleep, she uses a Lancome face wash. She also uses Sisley Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Ageing Hydration Moisturiser for massaging her face and a Clarins as a sunscreen.

Besides this, she also spares some time for power yoga.

Katrina Kaif

Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses 5

Image Credit: India Today

The beautiful lass starts her day with 4 glasses of water. She feels a healthy diet and a workout are essential for a beautiful skin.

She never leaves her house without applying Peter Thomas Roth Max Daily Defense Moisture Cream SPF 30  sunscreen before and takes supplements extracted from Acai berry and wheatgrass powder. She uses a Mene & Moy Face Wash and La Prairie night cream.

She also likes to apply mineral mud masks by Anne Semoin periodically.

Apart from this, she revealed that eating fish makes her skin better due to omega-3 acids.

Malaika Arora

Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses 3

Image Credit: Times of India

The beautiful Malaika Arora is the hottest mommy in B-town. You really believe her to be in her early 40’s? Me neither.

Her dark dewy skin doesn’t make her look more than 20.

She starts her day with warm water and lemon every morning. Uses organic, chemical-free make-up as much as possible and makes sure that she removes the make-up before going to bed.

She, in fact, cleanses her face twice while removing make-up.She swears by Margo soap and her La Mer Creme!

She adds that a sunscreen is really important – be it the winters or summers.

Malaika’s beauty essentials are SPF, lots n lots of greenies and water, and sound sleep. She strictly follows the CTM routine. No matter how busy she is, she never forgets to cleanse, tone and moisturize her face. She goes for natural remedies like home-made face packs with natural oils and herbs.

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What I found in common is to drink lots of water , and to jave regular exercise routine ,yes using spf products in this hot summer will also add in enhancing beauty
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Wow!! All these actresses are quite disciplined in their lives and they all maintain healthy diet.. That’s why they look so young..
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