Blue Heaven Lip Bomb Cocoa Butter – Cute and Effective!

by Shivani Singh
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Blue Heaven Lip Bomb Cocoa Butter is for those who prefer non-tinted lip balms that are cute looking and effective.  People who love to collect quirky cute cosmetics would just love this one.

Blue Heaven Lip Bomb Cocoa Butter


MRP INR 85/- for 8g

My experience with Blue Heaven Lip Bomb Cocoa Butter


This lip balm comes in a cute round egg-like shape. The s Cocoa Butter lip balm comes in light blue color. The body of the product twists to open and the balm itself is an oval shape. It is quite small and can easily fit into the handbag/makeup kit.

Texture/ colour:

The balm does not have any tint and just provides a shiny gloss to the lips. The texture is waxy and does not bleed or make the area around the lips oily.


The fragrance is just heavenly. It is a chocolaty smell that resembles a freshly baked cake. I just loved the aroma that lingers around after applying the balm. It contains artificial fragrance.


This lip balm actually delivers great results. It instantly moisturizes the lips, making them soft and supple. The fact that it is waxy and not like petroleum jelly is actually a great plus as it does not bleed or make the skin around the lips oily. Applying it before a lipstick will make the lipstick glide smoothly over the lips and it wouldn’t make the lips appear flaky.

What did I like?
  • Moisturises the lips well.
  • Does not bleed.
  • Heavenly fragrance.
  • 80% Natural ingredients.
  • Not tinted, so could be applied before lipstick.
  • Contains Vitamin E and almond oil that nourish and lightens the lips.
  • Has canola oil that protects skin proteins and lipids.
  • Compact and cute shape.
What did I not like?
  • Nothing really.
Would I recommend/ repurchase it?

Yes, its performance is really good and it is very affordable. The packaging is so cute and quirky that makes me want to show it off.



Product Purchased by Glossypolish
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