Calcium Rich Indian Food

by Paneeni Sharma

Calcium Rich Indian Food: Calcium is a chemical element that is extremely important for humans. It supports our body in carrying out many vital functions. This mineral is found in abundance in the human body. Our body cannot synthesize calcium on its own therefore we completely need to rely on external sources to get calcium. Calcium is naturally present in various vegetarian and non – vegetarian food items. Intake of calcium strengthens the bones.

Calcium Rich Indian Food

Individuals who are maximum risk of calcium deficiency
  1. Individuals who are vegetarian by diet
  2. Individuals who are lactose intolerant
  3. Menopausal women
  4. Women with menstrual disturbance
  5. Medications – Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), Diuretics
  6. Children
  7. Elderly people
Health Benefits Of Calcium
  1. Strengthens bones and teeth
  2. Maintains proper energy metabolism
  3. Regulates normal cell division and differentiation
  4. Keeps the functions of digestive enzymes normal
  5. Maintain normal muscle functioning and neurotransmission
  6. Required for normal blood clotting
Food rich in calcium

Milk is an extremely easily available source of calcium. Calcium in milk helps in maintaining bones and teeth health. It also maintains proper functioning of blood clotting cascade.


The high content of calcium in cheese promotes bone and cartilage strengthening. Vitamin B in calcium enhances the proper absorption of calcium in the body.

Spinach (Cooked) 

Presence of calcium in spinach promotes bones and teeth health.


Yogurt is known to a great source of calcium. It helps in keeping bones and teeth strong.


Prawn is an abundant source of Calcium and vitamin E. Both of these nutrients are necessary for healthy bones and proper transmission of nerve impulses.


Presence of calcium in Orange is beneficial for muscles, nerves, blood vessels.


Almond is a source of the high amount of calcium that serves the purpose of keeping bones strong and youthful. Presence of omega – 3s in Almond helps in effective calcium absorption.


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