Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash Review

by Aayushi Jain
3 minutes read

Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash: Hello, beautiful ladies. Maintaining proper hygiene is a must for everyone; not only for normal body areas but also for intimate areas. We think that daily soaps are enough for washing our vaginal area. I also used to believe this. But one day, I was in a general store with a friend and she asked me to buy this Intimate Wash. I never used any product of this sort. Then the saleswoman from Clean & Dry came and told us how harmful soaps can be for our vaginal area and how this product balances the pH level of our vagina and cleanses it. Although it is still a taboo to use products like this, some women do prefer buying them.

Let us see if this wash is really up to the mark!

Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash Review

Price: Rs 150 for 100ml
How to use?

Wash your vaginal area with this wash daily. You may use it twice a day too. Shake well before use.

My Experience with Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash


Packaging is just average. The bottle seems nice with white body and pink flip opening. This lessens the wastage of the product.


The fragrance is neither mild nor too strong; it smells flowery. The fragrance really keeps you fresh all day and keeps bad odor away.


This wash comes in transparent liquid form. It lathers up very well.


At first, I was really doubtful if it will cause any irritation on my skin because it is very sensitive. But when I used it for the first time, it did not cause any irritation. I was quite satisfied. Though the saleswoman told me that this Intimate Wash also brightens the skin and can be used for underarms too; I did not see that coming. But yes, I do feel fresh every day.

Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash Review 3

Overall Performance of Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash

This is a great product for those who have issues with bad odor or period odor. Moreover, because soaps do harm your skin; be it any body part, this intimate wash can be really useful. I found it to be of great use especially during periods because of regular irritation and bad odor. Overall, it’s a yes from me.

  1. Mild flowery fragrance
  2. Controls irritation and infection
  3. Keeps you fresh all day
  4. Lathers up very well
  5. No wastage of the product
  6. Good packaging
  7. Affordable
  1. People with over-sensitive skin should ask their dermatologists once
  2. Does not brightens or lightens the skin
Would I repurchase/recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this intimate wash to you but it should be bought on prescription by a dermatologist. I will surely repurchase it because it is really helpful for me.


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Deepsikha September 16, 2017 - 8:20 AM

Affordable and effective. Need to try this one. :good:

Navdita Rathore September 16, 2017 - 12:33 PM

I love it and I am actually on my third bottle of it.

Alishba September 20, 2017 - 8:56 PM

Very nice review!!! :good: :good: