Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick Review

by V Sravanti
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Hello, guys! This time I am back with one of the most obsessed lipstick colors, the bright orange. As the Colorbar classifies it, it is named the WICKED ORANGE color. Colorbar crème touch lipsticks generally come with the promise of providing bright and vibrant lips. These are known for their moisturizing properties. Colorbar lipsticks are suitable for application as they don’t dry the lips.

Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick Review 1

Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick Review

Basic Indo about Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick


  • bright color
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • high pigmentation
  • staying power of about five to six hours

PRICE- This lipstick is priced around 500. The thing is the price alters for every e-commerce website. For safe and durable products, I prefer Amazon or Flipkart. I bought this for Rs. 450 on a discounted price, a month ago. The prices might have altered and discounts are still available. Book one now!

Packaging- this lipstick, like the others, comes in a silver colored packaging with a purple strip at the middle of the lipstick tube.

Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick Review 2

How to apply:

Remove the cap of the lipstick and twist the bottom part. The lipstick emerges out. Apply it then! It glides on effortlessly. This lipstick consists of Shea butter, vitamin E, sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level, jojoba and almond oil. Though the information of the ingredients is not given on the packaging, Colorbar promises to have included all of these during the manufacture. The sunscreen protects your lips against the UV rays. Jojoba oil prevents drying of lips while Almond oil nourishes the lips and helps stay nourished for long.

My experience with Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick

Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick Review 3

This shade cannot be told to have shimmer; it just has a creamy texture. It makes me look flawless and I am a selfie addict, so this color gives me the perfect pout! This has high pigmentation and is great for dry lips. My lips are thin and this color makes them look medium in size.

It also has a good staying power, for about five hours, after which starts fading but doesn’t wash away. After the maximum fade, it remains as a natural color on my lips. It also shows off your skin tone so well and also your complexion. It has a fabulous texture and is perfect to put in the vanity case.

Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick Review 4

Overall Performance of Colorbar Wicked Orange Crème Touch Lipstick

The shade is a creamy orange and is party types. Not suitable for applying to college or any official place but is best at marriages, dates and family functions.  It makes a great nightwear for parties. Just saying, you will love your photo after you see this applied to your lips. This lipstick is also available in 25 different shades. You may also try out using other orange shades if you feel this one shows off too much of color.



  • A unique shade of orange which suits people of any skin tone
  • High pigmentation effect
  • Very smooth and matte finished with no shine to your lips
  • Your lips look absolutely in a perfect shape as this color enhances the lip shape
  • Staying power recorded is better than others of the same origin


  • Not preferable for formal occasions since the color looks flashy
  • No shimmer particles at all
  • Need to clean with makeup remover or wash twice with soap to get off the shades of the color from your lips

Would I recommend?

I am in love with this lipstick. It is highly recommended. The Colorbar Creme touch lipsticks are awesome in terms of color and texture. They do not feel heavy on lips. This shade is perfect for a summer day and goes with any outfit.



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