Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake Review

by Manjusha Dhamdhere
4 minutes read

Get the perfect makeup with Pan Cake. Basically Pan Cake is used as base for the makeup. Instead of foundation it is easy to use. Pan Cake gives you a flawless and matte finish that can be seen from far away. It is also water resistant hence could be used by people having oily skin.

Various brands of Pan Cake are available in market, but I preferred “Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake”. It is one of the reputed brands on which every girl can believe. There is a detailed review of Coloressence Panstick.

Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake

Basic info About Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake


Rs. 295/-

for quantity 15 Gms.

36 months validity from date of manufacturing (may vary)


What Is It And Who Is It For?

It is Pan Cake used as base for makeup and can be used by all skin colour types and all skin texture types.

Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake 2

How to choose a product?

It is available in 5 different shades. Shades depend on your skin colour.

PC-1 Dark Beige, PC-2 Yellow Beige, PC-3 Dusky, PC-4 Beige,

PC-5 Tan.

Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake 1

How to use?

Firstly wash your face with face wash. Now if your skin is very dry then you can put a little moisturizer on face otherwise it is up to you. Now steps to apply Pan Cake:

  1. Wet your sponge. Use dense sponge.
  2. According to the amount of water we can decide density of makeup. For example less water means less diluted makeup and heavier coverage. And using more water means diluted makeup that allows you lighter makeup.
  3. Rub the sponge into the makeup with gentle pressure.
  4. Apply makeup to your face. On the face apply pan cake evenly covering cheeks, nose, forehead, and even eyelids. Also cover all visible parts such as face, neck, and throat. For lighter coverage, use light and quick strokes to apply a thin layer of pancake.
  5. In case if makeup is not spread evenly just take the wet sponge and blend the makeup.
  6. Now let the makeup dry for a minute and after that you can apply compact powder on it.

If you follow these steps it will help you to use the product with maximum extent.

Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake 4

My Experience with Coloressence Pan Cake:

I use this product probably every day. For balanced look I usually touch up with pan cake. It keeps my look fresh all the day. As it is water resistant it does not get affected with the sweat. According to me it is not harmful for the skin. But if you have very sensitive skin then you could avoid using it daily or you could consult some skin expert before using the product. It is very important remove pan cake before going to bed. I generally use cleansing milk for removal.

Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake 3

Overall Performance of Coloressence High Definition Pan Cake

1)  It is easy to apply.

2)  Easy to remove. (Use any brand cleansing milk)

3)  It gives you perfect base for further makeup.

4) Different shades according to skin colour.

5) Water resistant so makeup lasts for long time.

6) It comes in handy box. So you can put it into your bag and keep it with you anywhere.


According to me only drawback is the packed sponge. It is not durable so you need to buy one makeup sponge which is easily available in market.


Would I recommend?

Of course, It is definitely a product that every girl can trust.




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Juhi Sharma March 15, 2017 - 5:40 PM

That’s an adorable makeup. I’ll soon get my hands on this. Thanks for reviewing 🙂

Sone March 17, 2017 - 2:03 PM

Great find Manjusha :love