Coloressence Supreme Intense Liquid Liner Review

by Paneeni Sharma
3 minutes read

Coloressence Supreme Intense Liquid Liner: Eyes are the most attractive part of the face. They express your each and every expression nicely. Even if you apply a very light makeup on your eyes it’ll really enhance your beauty and you won’t need any kind of heavy makeup on your face. To make your face look beautiful today I will be reviewing a product to you which will make you even more beautiful.


Rs. 125


Eyeliner completes the eye makeup by being applied with its special brush to the beginning of the eyelashes at the desired thickness.


Deep black

Coloressence Supreme Intense Liquid Liner Review 2

My Experience with Coloréssence Supreme Intense Liquid Liner

  • Packaging – Coloréssence Intense Liquid Liner is a very good product. This product comes with very attractive packaging. There’s a small bottle containing the liquid with a very long and attractive cap which gives a great hold while application. Its brush is of adequate thickness I mean it’s neither too thick nor too thin. The brush gives a very fine finishing on the application. Its bristles are really soft and not going to hurt you.
  • Texture and Consistency – The liquid present in the bottle is of nice consistency which is really glossy. Its color is really good and dark. Liquid liners are always attractive but they are most susceptible to getting messy but my friend if you are good at using liquid eyeliner you will love it surely.
  • Pigmentation – The pigmentation is good. Two coats are just enough for an opaque look. When it is wet, the color is bold and intense, but as it dries, it kind of settles to a matte color.
  • Fragrance – The liquid liner is of normal cosmetic smell like other liners.
  • Staying Power – It smudges. It isn’t water resistant. It lasts for about 5-6 hours and that too if you do not accidentally rub your eyes, which I do many times without realizing that I’m wearing a liner.

Coloressence Supreme Intense Liquid Liner Review 3

Overall Performance of Coloréssence Supreme Intense Liquid Liner

It has an attractive packaging with no leakage. The brush gives a very smooth application. The liquid liner present in the bottle has the right consistency. The texture of the eyeliner is really smooth. It’s equally affordable. It is long lasting too nearly up to 5-6 hours. The liquid doesn’t cause any kind of irritation on the skin but may cause watering of eyes if gets into contact with scleral or corneal lining of the eye. The liner on drying gives a matte finish so if you are looking for a glossy eyeliner then this one is not meant for you. People who are not accustomed to using liquid liner may kind difficult using this product.

Would I Recommend?

This is really a very good eyeliner. Being an affordable product there is no harm giving it a try. If you are a starter or if you are not that good at applying liquid eyeliners then surely this one is for you. The last thing which I would say is “Dazzle up like a queen with the best-in-class eyeliner!”


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