Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble Review

by Shiny Jenifer
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Hello beautiful ladies,

Liquid lipstick is one of the favourite products of mine. Not only me, for most of the girls out there. Colourpop is one the most raved brand even though its availability is being an issue. The very first shade I got introduced in Colourpop is this beautiful terracotta shade called bumble. Colourpop has huge variants of shade to choose from.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble

Basic Information About Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble

Colourpop comes in different finishes: matte, satin and glossy.

Let’s get started with the review.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble 1


6$ for 3.2 gram of product (in their website).

Brand claims:

Colourpop was born, raised and made with love in the city of Angels. We test our products in every possible without affecting the animals. Trends come and go, so it’s super important to us that you can keep up with this ever-changing industry without breaking bank.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble 2

My Experience With Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble:

Liquid lipsticks are something I can’t resist myself from picking. I prefer matte finish lipsticks the most. So definitely Colourpop can’t be missed from my vanity. The product comes in a plastic transparent tube with a silver screw cap which has wand attached. It comes with a doe foot applicator which works great for precise application. Even if you have thin lips, you are going to love these.


The lipstick is watery in texture which sets into complete matte on application. The lipstick is quite pigmented so just a single swipe gives you opaque colour on the lips. On drying matte, the lipstick gives a powdery feel, but not a concern though.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble

Matte lipsticks dry out your lips so it’s always recommended to exfoliate the lips and apply a thick lip balm underneath to prevent lips from getting dried. Using a primer underneath is recommended. Application of this lipstick needs little attention as any mistake will be clearly visible due to its pigmentation. Using a lip pencil would be much better and recommend one to prevent mistakes.


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble 3

Overall Performance Of Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble:

Bumble is a brownish red shade with little pink in it. It is described as dusky warm terracotta shade by the brand. It is suitable for daily wear or for any party occasions.

Unlike other matte lipsticks, these matte lipsticks are very light weight and doesn’t stay heavy on lips.

Now talking about its gravitating claims, these lipsticks stay on the lips for about 8 to 9 hours. They do not transfer once it sets into matte. It takes just 20 to 30 seconds to set into matte and becomes your actual lip colour for those 8 to 9 hours. It doesn’t fade with anything, food or water or time. It fades a little from the center of the lips on very oily greasy food. These lipsticks are very hard to remove, so be careful while applying. Don’t purse the lips while the lipstick is drying, it crumbles and looks flaky.

Removing the lipsticks is hard so wipe the lipstick with cotton soaked in makeup remover or with a wet wipe. If you do not like dry lips then, this is not for you. If you want to retouch the lipstick, remove the lipstick completely and reapply it. Layering the lipstick would make it look flaky

The shade bumble is a pretty terracotta shade which suits people with fair to slightly dusky skin. It may washout people with dark skin tone.

Would I recommend and repurchase?

It is such a beautiful shade. Definite recommend for people with fair to dusky skin tone.

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Sone March 11, 2017 - 1:59 PM

This is such a beautiful color!! Perfect mlbb :love :love

shiny jenifer March 11, 2017 - 8:28 PM

truly a beautiful shade. :haanji

madhuri lakhina March 11, 2017 - 2:03 PM


shiny jenifer March 11, 2017 - 8:28 PM

thank you dear :rose:

Rashi Gupta March 11, 2017 - 2:04 PM

I was looking for a shade like this for so long, thanks for the review :balleballe :love

shiny jenifer March 11, 2017 - 8:29 PM

happy it helped you! :love

medhavi Jain March 11, 2017 - 2:05 PM

I’ve bumble and the lip swatch doesn’t matches at all.

Sone March 11, 2017 - 2:41 PM

Medhavi, submit your lip swatch too 🙂 we will add it here xx

shiny jenifer March 11, 2017 - 8:30 PM

yes dear, it little darker in was brighter. 🙁