Dear Body Love Berry Body Lotion Review

by Arya Chatterjee
2 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Dear Body Love Berry Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types. It’s nourishing, whitening, refreshing, moisturizing, perfumed, lighting. They are available in a variety of fragrances; Love berry, Strawberry passion, Ardour seduction, Sweet wish, Sweet temptation, Nature spell, AmberDream, Pear Freezing, Forever Love, A daydream, Juicy apple, Exotic Flower.

Dear Body Love Berry Body Lotion Review


Rs. 599/- for 250ml

How to use?

The bottle is similar to a Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion bottle and the applicator is the same. The lotion is buttery but also oily on application. It leaves a heavy residue and the applicator is very difficult to clean. I find that very unsettling.


My experience with Dear Body Love Berry Body Lotion?

To be frank, I found the lotion an exact same dupe of Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion, at least in the packaging but not in quality. I initially thought I was actually buying Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion instead of Dear Body.

The packaging is very attractive, no doubt but I found the lotion very greasy and heavy on the skin. And with the weather we have here in India, I sweated the lotion off immediately which left me with a grimy, sticky complexion. I despised that.

I bought the lotion in kissed freesia and daisy. My only incentive for buying this lotion was the fragrance. The scent is long lasting and very appealing. It’s not overly flowery and I appreciate that. It falls true to the ‘Berry’ tag. The lotion smells sweet and succulent, but also classy.

Dear Body Love Berry Body Lotion Review 3

Dear Body Love Berry Body Lotion Review 5

  1. Attractive Packaging
  2. Great fragrance
  3. Variety of fragrances
  4. Vitamin E and C antioxidants
  5. Long Lasting
  1. Exorbitant Rate
  2. Greasy on application
  3. Thick consistency like sunscreen
  4. Messy applicator
Overall would I recommend and repurchase?

I would not repurchase because first of all I cannot afford it and second of all, I’d rather experiment more and find a body lotion which suits my requirements which this one didn’t. I wouldn’t recommend either because this kind of lotion is not for Indian weather. Even Indian Winters are hot enough to be tropical.

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