Denver Desire Perfume Review

by Glossypolish Team
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Who is this perfume for?  Denver Desire Perfume is a perfume for those girls who love luxurious floral smells with a hint of fruity touch to it. If you want a fragrance that is sensual and unique at the same time, then this is the right fit for you.


MRP ₹499 for 100 ml

How to use?

This perfume can be sprayed on clothes and over your skin directly. For maximum fragrance, spray it on your pulse points after applying some moisturizer.


Ethyl alcohol denatured(80%), Fragrance, aqua, propylene glycol

Denver Desire Perfume

My Experience with Denver Desire Perfume


I am in love with its packaging. It comes in a cardboard box which itself looks classy. The perfume inside the cardboard box comes secured as a compartment has been made for the bottle so that it doesn’t move. The bottle is a little heavy as the glass is quite sturdy. The perfume comes in a transparent glass bottle with an ombre pink color over it and Denver desire is written over the bottle in a golden font which gives it a sleek look.

Fragrance and longevity

The fragrance of this perfume is very unique. It is floral and fruity but the fruity smell is not too overpowering. This smell will make you feel luxurious as these kinds of smells are hard to find. The longevity of this perfume is quite good. You won’t make head turns while going through a crowd because of your perfume as it is not too strong, but a mild fragrance will still be there.

My experience

I bought this perfume because of its packaging and in a situation where I couldn’t get a chance to smell it. But I trusted Denver and I am happy with my purchase. This smell stays on me for at least 2-4 hours which is a good amount of time according to me. I love the fruity and girlish smell, and I thought this would be it because of its pink packaging. But this smell is not girlish, it smells like one of those high-end perfumes which makes you feel confident. The only thing that bothers me is that this perfume is 80% denatured alcohol which as per the internet is unfit for human consumption. From next time onwards I will buy perfumes after reading the ingredients list only.

Denver Desire Perfume 1


  1. Amazing fragrance
  2. Quite long-lasting
  3. Classic packaging
  4. Budget-friendly
  5. Easily available
  6. A smell that is not overly strong so won’t bother people with a sensitive nose.


  1. A bottle without a cardboard box is a little difficult to carry.


Yes! It is such a unique smell that you must give it a try and it is budget-friendly too.

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