Denver Pride Deo Review

by Sanjali M
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Who is it for? The Denver Pride Deo can be used by both Men and Women. For women who are not a fan of a very hard and strong fragrance but also want a deodorant which can last longer than the regular sweet smelling perfumes, can anytime go for this brand. It has a very unique smooth and mild fragrance; a kind of a mixture of a citrus flavour, fragrance of the wild woods and flowers, with a mild alcoholic touch to it with makes it a concoction of both bold and soft fragrance which gives a fresh and energetic feeling.


Rs 210 for 150ml.

Sensitivity alert?

Not recommended for sensitive skin.

How to use?

Shake the bottle before use. Hold 16cms away from the body and spray. Do not spray on clothes.

Denver Pride Deo Review

My experience with Denver Pride Deo


The product comes in a royal blue colored metal bottle with a similar colored cap and black sprayer. The cap perfectly fits the product, preventing the liquid from coming out. The product is a bit thick making it somewhat uncomfortable to hold it.

Texture and color:

The product contains only liquid! No gas at all which makes it more appealing giving the body an energetic and fresh feeling.


It has a unique smell which is a mixture of both a soft and a hard fragrance. The elements cannot be separately distinguished as it is a combination of different fragrances but as I have mentioned before, the fragrance is a bit of citrus in nature, mild flowery touch to it dampened with a light alcoholic smell.

Ease of application:

The sprayer is a comfortable one and with a little press the liquid comes out. Apply a small amount on the nerve points and you are ready to go!

My Experience:

I have been using Denver for a really long time now and this one is one of my personal favourites. This smooth wild and fresh fragrance makes me tackle the sweaty joints of my body and whenever I go to some casual meetups, whether a meeting or a party, I definitely use this one. People have often asked about this product makes me recommend them. However, one of the major drawbacks of this product is that, unlike other Denver deodorants, it does not last that long. After applying, it gives a good effect but it usually fades away within 3-4hours. So if you are approaching the naked scorching heat or planning to stay outdoors for a longer time, do not go for this one. Also, people looking for concrete hard smell must avoid using it.

What do I like?
  1. Smooth and mild fragrance
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. Light weight
  4. Makes a good gift
  5. Easily available
  6. No gas, only liquid
  7. Refreshing
What I do not like?
  1. The price should be little less so that it can be easily purchased by anyone.
  2. Also, the container is a bit thick, making it somewhat difficult for people with small hands to hold and use it.
  3. Also, the smell is not really that long lasting thus not making it a good choice for outdoor workplaces.

Would I repurchase or recommend?

Yes. The product has a unique smell which gives a refreshing satisfaction to the people using it. If you are planning to stay indoors or you are due to attend a casual event, meeting or a party, then this product must be your next buy!



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