HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips Review

by Sreelakshmi Nair
3 minutes read

Who is it for? HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips can be used by those people who need temporary removal black and whiteheads on the nose.

Price and Strips:

INR Rs. 90 for 3 Strips

How to Use:
  1. First, the face should be washed and cleaned thoroughly and then the nose should be wet with warm or lukewarm water. Do not use extremely cold water as the strip will not stick evenly.
  2. The strip should then be peeled from the transparent liner.
  3. It should then be placed on the nose with the black charcoal side of the strip facing down toward the nose.
  4. The strip should then be rubbed gently to avoid any creases.
  5. After about 10 minutes the strip could be peeled of slowly. IF the black or whiteheads are more it could be peeled off after 10-15 minutes depending on how long it takes the strip to become hard.
  6. If it becomes difficult to remove the strip, wet the area around until it becomes easy to remove.

HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips

My Experience with HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips


There are three strips per box with individual packing of their own. These cleansing strips appear in red and blue boxes with instructions to use the product.


The strips have no distinct fragrance other than the faint charcoal smell experienced while placing it on the nose.


I have used these strips thrice and each time I use it, it gives me better results. But these results only last for a considerate amount of time depending on how your skin type is. I have noticed that every time I use these strips, it removes a great number of whiteheads but not the blackheads. But, as I said, this can vary in different skin types as in the one like mine which is oily, the blackheads are quite hard and need more than just these nose strips to be removed completely. In case of those who do not have black or white heads in large number, these strips can be used to get good results.

The time limit mentioned in the box to remove the strips is 10 minutes, but due to the hard black and whiteheads, my strip takes 20 minutes to get hard after which I have to wet the area to make it less painful. Even though they say that these strips are painless, they cause some pain as these heads cannot be removed easily without some pain.

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to use
  3. For temporary use, gives better results
  4. Easily available
  1. Does not easily remove the blackheads
  2. It is not a sufficient way of removal for those having black and white heads in a large number
  3. Need to use it almost every week for best results


Overall this product is good and yes, I would recommend all to buy this product. Even though it does not give permanent results; these strips could be used as temporary means for those who need to attend some special occasion.

This product is not that pricey but definitely, it is for those who wish to use it weekly.



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