How to Remove Blackheads on Nose Permanently

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Blackheads on Nose / Blackheads on Face Solution: Everyone strives for clear skin but it becomes increasingly difficult to have clear complexion if you are prone to acne. Blackheads are a type of skin care issue that bothers perhaps most of us with or without the oily nature of the skin. No one likes those dirty looking tiny black dots on the nose caused by nasty blackheads. In this post, I am going to unravel Glossy Polish’s secret technique of clearing blackheads permanently. Are you in?

Blackheads on Nose

What are Blackheads  ?

Blackheads on nose or elsewhere are nothing but small black dot like lesions appearing in the oily zones of our face, neck and other places where we have oil glands. In the t-zone of our face the secretion of oily substances from the sebum glands are highest. Sometimes the sub gets trapped inside the pores of the skin by layers of dead cells. The dead cells around clogged pores come in contact with the air, change into dark looking dots due to oxidation and become blackheads. Blackheads give an unkempt look and might cause pimples if left unattended.

The technique to Remove Blackheads on Nose Permanently

This weekly skin treatment method involves a number of steps. Each step is essential for blackhead free skin. This technique also gives an excellent facial cleanup effect. If you are someone with oily skin and have to prep up the skin for a big event then this method will help you achieve that perfect salon facial effect. This method is equally effective on both men and women so feel free to try at your convenience!

  1.  Steam Prep-up

Blackhead can be quite stubborn sometimes. To remove the deep-rooted blackheads easily, facial steaming is the best preparatory measure. So, face steaming with essential oil is our first step. It will open up the pores and your skin will be ready for the next steps. In this step you need to take hot water steam for 8-10 minutes. Mix two drops of tea tree oil and one drop of bergamot oil for maximum benefits. I have got equally good results with 2 drops of eucalyptus oil and 2 drops of Neem oil. Once you are done with the steaming, don’t wipe off the face. Move to the next step instead.

  1.  Multi-masking with Pore Strips

This is the most important step of this whole procedure in which we would do a clever multi-masking. For this step, we will need a clay mask that suits the skin and a good quality nose-pore strip. At this phase, the skin can be quite vulnerable after the steaming so it is advisable to use a clay mask that have been tested before. Put on the nose strip first and then apply the mask on the rest of the face leaving the eye and the mouth area. When both the pore strip and the mask dries, remove the strip gently and wash the face. We are ready to proceed to the next level.

  1.  Hydrating Multi-mask

The clay mask and the pore strip might take off the natural moisture from the skin. So, a restorative step is absolutely necessary to balance out the skin. This third and the last step are kept for that purpose. Once you are over with the face pack and the blackhead strip, it is time to calm down the sensitive nose area. Take some astringent in a cotton pad and dab it gently on the area the nose strip sat on. Next, apply a thick coat of Lacto Calamine there and apply a hydrating mask on the rest of the face. Wait for 20 minutes and wipe off everything. At this point, your face would certainly look cleaner, plump and the pores would be less visible. The blackheads would vanish as well.

  1.  Follow-up Care & Results

To get blackhead free skin, you need to prevent blackheads from reappearing. This trick keeps provision for that too! For clean and problem-free skin, you must repeat the whole procedure once a week. For the days in between, keep a good toner handy and never forget to include it in your day and night skin care routine. The rest of the skin care can be as before. Just try to avoid pore-clogging skin care or makeup products for long lasting results. After 4-5 continuous sessions I noticed drastic lessening in blackhead growth.

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