Denver Royal Oud Deodorant Body Spray Review

by Sanjali M
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Who is it for? The Denver Royal Oud Deodorant Body Spray can be used by both Men and Women. For women especially, who are not a big fan of the regular sweet, fruity smell of perfumes, this deodorant with its distinct long lasting masculine fragrance is the perfect catch for them. It has a very unique fragrance which is traditional in nature but with a touch of modern spark. The fragrance is blended with the smell of rich spices like cardamom and clary sage while encompassing the attracting mild fragrance of lavender and rose. The core is filled with a mixture of Agarwood perfume while the base encompasses Patchouli, Vanilla, and sandalwood. The deodorant, unlike normal perfumes, lingers for around 7 hours giving you the feeling of being amidst the gulfs, in the heart of the world of Aromas for hours long!


Rs 210 for 150ml.

Sensitivity alert?

Not recommended for sensitive skin.

How to use?

Shake the bottle before use. Hold 16cms away from the body and spray. Do not spray on clothes.

Denver Royal Oud Deodorant Body Spray Review

My experience with Denver Royal Oud Deodorant Body Spray:


The product comes in a dark coffee colored metal bottle with a similar colored cap and black sprayer. The cap perfectly fits the product, preventing the liquid from coming out. The product is a bit thick making it somewhat uncomfortable to hold it.

Texture and color:

The product contains less amount of gas and more amount of liquid. It feels cool, light and fresh on the skin.


It has a catchy musky, incense, masculine smell with a tinge of chocolate, vanilla and saffron smell to it. Good for workplaces where the fragrance lasts for a long time giving a fresh feeling always.

Ease of application:

The sprayer is a comfortable one and with a little press the liquid comes out. Apply a small amount on the nerve points and you are good to go! The distinct smell makes you stand unique in the crowd!

My Experience:

As I really like a hard masculine fragrance, this deo really suits me and I have a good experience with it. Being a college student, the sweet smell does not last for long making this product one of my personal favorite. People have often asked about this product makes me recommend them. The musky, agarwood and chocolaty smell make me feel amazing, energetic and nonsmelly in the sweaty summers. People looking for some sweet smell must avoid using it.

What do I like?

  1. Musky, woody and chocolaty smell.
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. Lightweight
  4. Long lasting fragrance
  5. Easily available
  6. Contains less gas and more liquid

What I do not like?

The price should be a little less so that it can be easily purchased by anyone. Also, the container is a bit thick, making it somewhat difficult for people with small hands to hold and use it.

Would I repurchase or recommend?

Yes. The product gifts the people with a unique fragrance which makes them talk in the crowd! It is a must try for everybody.

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