Dhoti Sari Fashion Look of The Day + How to Drape !

by V Sravanti
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Dhoti Sari: Hey, readers! Whatever people might say, only we know the pain we take in roaming out from mall to mall and store to store to get the ones we want. Men also have some problems but those are little when compared to what girls do to possess one in which they would receive compliments from! However, taking jeans and tops is easier than buying saris. We generally don’t buy them but when we do, we generally take our moms out to select the best. I am used to wearing saris and yes, my mom loves saris. She says she is comfortable in a sari than a kurta-pajama or a suit.

Gone are the days of youngsters wearing saris in normal fashion as our moms or grandmothers do. New styles have evolved and fashion has peeped into every dressing style of ours. It is nice to see that people are at least wearing saris to show off styles and by some way, the Indian culture is getting preserved.

We will now discuss the sexist, and appealing style of wearing a sari– the dhoti style.

Dhoti Sari Fashion Look of The Day + How to Drape ! 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

The dhoti style saris have their roots in the South of India and traces of such styles can be seen in the northern part too. It was at a recent party show on the television that I saw Sonam Kapoor wearing a dhoti-style sari. She is generally named as the fashion queen and she keeps up her name by introducing to us fresh trends in clothing.

Dhoti Sari Fashion Look of The Day + How to Drape !

Image Credit: Pinterest

I tried the same too when I went for a wedding. My mom actually helped me in draping a dhoti style sari. That look was indeed awesome. Everyone was stunned. Wearing this sari may look awkward when you are surrounded by old people but this one really looks hot.


Dhoti Sari Fashion Look of The Day + How to Drape ! 1

Flowy material like chiffon, georgette would go very well this kind of sari draping style. You may not find them attractive with cotton or silks or any other tough materials. You generally see people wearing a plain sari with its contrast border when opting for such style but it is not like that. You can also wear a simple shimmer sari. That would also go pretty well with the look.

Make sure that the blouse you are wearing is not too lengthy. Prefer wearing a crop blouse for this style. You should also wear a Capri, tight or a legging inside for this style sari. The legging color must match the color of your sari.

Wearing heels is preferred since the height of the person enhances their personality. Wear your blouse and legging, put on your heels and then start draping the sari.

Dhoti Sari Fashion Look of The Day + How to Drape ! 3


I would also like to share some tips to wear this sari and the material of the sari which is most suit the style.

Firstly, wearing this sari is very easy when you think it is. I can say that draping this is actually easier as compared to draping a normal six-yard sari. Basically, this dhoti-style sari goes well when you have a four-yard sari. Wow…wow… don’t worry! People don’t generally manufacture a four-yard sari. All you have to do is that take your six-yard sari and make it a four-yard one.

You can take the help of a safety pin else it is recommended that you stitch the sari into a four-yard one by attaching the ends of the two-yard to the four yards. You are then ready with the four-yard sari.

You should first take the nonpallu end and start draping the sari around the lower waist. At the back, you will have to make two sections, one the right and other the left one and drape it independently and bring both of them to the center. You can secure the pleats with a safety pin.

Then put the pallu on your shoulder and pleat it thin, secure with a bobby pin. Now take the lower part of the pallu and wrap it around your waist, bringing it to the front. You may now drape that like a dhoti and secure the pleats with a safety pin.

You will find that the leg area is seen and thus your legging will help you cover that. Make sure you also put a pin on both ends of the sari at the bottom so that the two separate parts do not divide when you are walking.

YouTube videos on how to drape a dhoti-style sari in Sonam Kapoor’s style are available and I also have followed the same to drape my sari then. This look suited me a lot and I also got many compliments when I wore that sari. In fact, I was the only one looking fashionable their 😛 (actually I am not)

So cool people, this is the end of my article. I hope all of you trying draping this style sari. Remember that the beauty of the sari is shown only when you show off your body curves. Do not hide them, since they also make you look thin.

Look beautiful, stay happy!! I will be back with another article… BYE!!

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