DIY Alert !! Home Made Shimmer Lotion ;)

by Sonam Bhandari Thapar
4 minutes read

Hi Girls! It is said,that when life gives you lemon,you make lemonade. So when you get a broken eye shadow…what do you do ? 😛 Recently in a beauty subscription bag,I received a damaged product…and a totally damaged product at that. Just have a look.


Home Made Shimmer Lotion


Home Made Shimmer Lotion (2)


I just did’t know what to do with it.Then a friend recommended why not use it for some other purpose. Like a gel eye liner or something. Its a great idea…and while doing that, I used it for something equally amazing and useful!!


Shimmer Lotion !!!!!! Yes 😉


Don’t you wish to have that shimmery glowing skin. It is perfect for parties 😉 It instantly makes you look glamorous and when subtle shimmer particles reflect the shine…! Unmatched.

So its really simple. If you have any damaged eye shadow  in gold  or champagne color. If you have an old bronzer or highlighter…even a light blush with shimmer…its perfect.Take the shimmer product in a glass bowl. Mash it well to break any lumps and clumps.


Home Made Shimmer Lotion (3)


Then take your favorite body lotion. I have used the Victoria’s secret body lotion that I reviewed earlier HERE .


Home Made Shimmer Lotion (4)


Simple,just mix the two well. I suggest you add a bit of shimmer at a time and build it up as per your needs 🙂


Home Made Shimmer Lotion (6)


Store it in any sanitized bottle and use it as and when needed .


Home Made Shimmer Lotion (7)


Just slather it on ,before a party…and glow!!


Home Made Shimmer Lotion (9)


Cheap,Simple and Gorgeous ! Now,no need to shell out big bucks for something,you can make yourself at home 😛 😉

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Sone March 4, 2016 - 6:21 PM

loved your article @sonam 🙂

seema March 5, 2016 - 10:05 AM

good use