Eminence Organic Bright Skin Cleanser Review

by Sone
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What is it and who is it for? Eminence Organic Bright Skin Cleanser is a Brightening skin cleanser.

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$38 for 8.4 fl oz

How to Use:

Mix (dilute) a small amount of the product (pea size) with water in hands, apply and massage into skin with fingertips in a circular motion covering the face and neck for 1–3 minutes. Completely remove with a damp face cloth and then finish with an application of toner.

My Experience with Eminence Organic Bright Skin Cleanser

This cleanser has a cream, like consistency. It is easy to spread but does not lather. Actually, you do not get that just washed feeling after using it. This cleanser does not dry the skin out and that is definitely a plus point. But here is what I think. We anyways use a moisturizer every time we wash our face; there is nothing that this product is doing special.

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It’s a pretty average product that quite frankly just disappointed me. Lesson learned though. If you want any skin treatment besides the cleansing/ acne protection doesn’t go for a special cleanser. Most of them are just gimmicks.

  1. Does not dry skin out
  2. Completely organic and natural
  3. Convenient tube packaging
  1. Pricey
  2. Pretty Average
  3. Does not lather well
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

This product did nothing for me. It is suitable for sensitive skin types as well; I just cannot justify the price tag it carries. I’d day give it a pass. Pretty average.

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