Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review

by V Sravanti
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Waving to all the beautiful women out there!! Hello!!!!!!!

We all love looking fair and flawless. If our natural look doesn’t support that, we apply make-up but would never want to let go off compliments from others. We all have a large makeup kit to aid in intensifying our beauty, but just think of an instance, when we need to look good to ourselves in the mirror.

We often visit the parlor for facial and bleach. By applying bleach to our skin, it looks fairer and hides all the extra hair visible on our face. Yet, we can’t let go of the fact that parlors are costly. If you are one among them who visits parlors such as naturals or Lakme, you will know the pain when paying the bill. 😛

So, all this was beating about the bush to introduce to you all a product, very beneficial to women, which is the “fairness bleach”. Yes, you saw it right! It is bleach which can be applied at home and is so affordable.

Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review

Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review 1

Basic Info About Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach


The pearl fairness crème bleach is introduced by the brand FEM. This bleach contains Pearl and milk that lightens the skin tone and removes sun-tan. This is very useful this summer since we all know the original color of our body and we are all seeing the changed color. This bleach would prove really helpful for removing tan and give a pearl-like healthy glow to your skin.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Pearl glow gave for wheatish skin
  • For external use only
  • Must be kept away from children

Price– Rs. 32 is the maximum retail price of this product. Well, this one holds less amount of bleach but you also get bigger packs. It is recommended that you try this small one first as a tester and if you are satisfied with its results, you can pick up a bigger one.

Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review 3

Net weight- 6.6 grams in which the bleach is six grams and the powder activator is 0.6 grams.

Sensitive skin alert- YES

Shelf life– 3 years.

Key ingredients-

  1. Crème Bleach- contains Hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, stearic acid.
  2. Powder activator- contains ammonium bi-carbonate


Packaging- this product is packaged in a small cardboard box. This looks so cute and handy. It fits in your palm. This cardboard box consists of crème bleach, powder activator in a box, and an applicator. The applicator looks more or less like a spoon to apply the bleach onto your skin.

Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review 2

How to use- The spoon that comes along with the packaging is pre-measured. It has two sides. One side has a big scoop for applying the crème and the other side has a small scoop for the powder. The ratio of the components to be taken must be of 1:1 that is one spoon of bleach taken with a single spoon of powder activator.

My Experience with Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach


The main reason I bought this product was to test if bleach works on my skin. I was fortunate enough since this worked perfectly for my skin. I did not face any problem with this as of now, but my friend did. She applied it to her under armpits, which resulted in their blackening. Moreover, I advise you to only use the product if it perfectly suits you. And, apply the bleach only in the evening since you may also go out after cleaning up since you won’t be exposed to sunlight then. The pros and cons are different for each individual. If it suits, all seem to be pros, else, the product itself is a con.

Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review 4

Overall Performance of Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach


First time users-

Prepare a small quantity of the mixture and apply it behind your ear. If you fell extra irritation, then that means you are allergic to the product. Immediately rinse off that with water and stop using the product. Else, you may continue its usage.

Precautions to be taken-

Before use:

  • Wash your face with plain water.
  • Do not apply on the broken or affected skin with wounds or allergies.
  • Do not mix the contents of bleach and powder unless you are ready to start the application.
  • After first time use, allow a time gap of at least 21 days for the next application.

After use-

  • Do not apply soap for a minimum of five hours after use.
  • After washing away this applied bleach, do not expose your skin to direct sunlight.
  • Do not save the previously blended mix of bleach and powder for re-use.

Would I Recommend?

I cannot say whether it is totally recommended or not. Everything depends on your skin. So, first follow the first time user’s tip that I have given at the beginning of the product performance. If you are anti-allergic, this will prove best to you since you need not waste money over bleach in the parlor.

If the product works, then, there are also saffron, pearl, turmeric herbal and gold bleach flavors you can try.

Happy day!

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Smriti May 31, 2017 - 2:58 PM

Lucky you. I had horrible rashes and my skin reacted badly to this. Honest review

V. Sravanti May 31, 2017 - 3:24 PM

Ohh you should have tried it on a smaller area first.
I’m glad you have posted this comment. Proves sensitive skin people should not use this.

Smriti June 13, 2017 - 5:08 PM

He he..I did try it on the back of my ears. Nothing really happened. But bleaching skin is a big NO NO for me..Because at the end of the day, it’s something artificial..Not natural