Gala Of London Pearl Liquid Line Review

by Rehana Khan

What is it? Gala of London Pearl Liquid Line is a black eyeliner that dries off really soon just after application.

Gala Of London Pearl Liquid Line

Price: Rs. 199 for a bottle

Use the brush provided to draw any style outlining your eyes

My experience with Gala of London Pearl Liquid Line

When it comes to darkness, it is one of the best eyeliners to give a chic look to your eyes.


It comes in a black small bottle with a golden border close to the cap. The cap is long and is opened by twisting it around

Texture and shade:

It is a highly smooth liquid with the darkest shade of black


It has no fragrance

Why did I like it?
  1. Darkest shade of black
  2. Dries off just after you apply it thus less time consuming
  3. Smooth
  4. Thin brush ( making all styles possible)
  5. No lumps on the brush or in the bottle
  6. Waterproof ( no patches in eyelids due to sweating)
  7. No eye or skin irritation
  8. Rubbing it off does not give a burning sensation to the skin
  9. Affordable
  10. User-friendly
  11. Travel-friendly
Why didn't I like it?
  1. Ingredients not mentioned
  2. Volume not mentioned
  3. Shelf life not mentioned
  4. Price not mentioned

Yes, I will surely recommend this product for a buy. I will buy this eyeliner again and again

Rating: 4/5

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