Grace Cole Lavender and Chamomile Cleansing Shower Gel Review

by Shreya Chakraborty
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Grace Cole Lavender and Chamomile Cleansing Shower Gel is for those looking for a relaxing shower gel.

Grace Cole Lavender and Chamomile Cleansing Shower Gel


Ideally 6 GBP. You can get it from Flipkart at Rs 510.

How to Use:

Lather with warm water, massage onto skin and rinse well. For best results use a loofah.

My Experience with Grace Cole Lavender and  Chamomile Cleansing Shower Gel

Grace Cole is the home of award winning bath and body products which proudly claims to be produced from start to finish in the UK. The container is transparent and hence allows you to see the level of shower gel inside it. It covered with beautiful designs and the bottle looks very classy. It’s also recyclable. The quantity is excellent and filled to the brim, the entire 500 ml. The Fragrance is a mixture of lavender with chamomile. However, I find the smell a bit like Dettol mixed with lavender. The texture is very smooth. It lathers well and cleans well. You smell like lavender for a long time after shower. The price for the quantity is very very reasonable given that it’s a good brand. I have been using it for the past two weeks and my skin really feels soft, hydrated and smells amazing. Overall a really nice purchase.

Grace Cole Lavender and Chamomile Cleansing Shower Gel 3

Overall Performance 

The quantity is very good (500ml), the price for the quantity is very reasonable, the smell is pleasant. It’s parabens free, cruelty-free, made from recycled plastic. It can even be used by sensitive skin and lasts a really long time! And what’s more? It’s easily available on Flipkart. However it can smell like a mixture of Dettol with lavender oil, might not seem pleasant to everybody also avoid getting it into the eye. Rinse thoroughly with water if happens.

 Would I recommend?

As I mentioned earlier, it definitely is a value for money. I would surely repurchase it. Not necessarily the same fragrance, I would like to experiment but I really liked the Grace Cole range of shower gels. I really recommend you to try it. You will not regret.


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