Hair Smoothening Process – Everything You Want To Know!

by Anjori C
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Hair Smoothening: People often get confused between hair straightening and hair smoothening. Although the effects on your hair after the treatment might look similar, these are an entirely different process.Hair Smoothening

What is hair smoothening?

Hair smoothening, which is also known as protein treatment or keratin treatment more commonly, is a temporary chemical treatment to get straighter, frizz-free hair.

How is hair smoothed?

Formaldehyde solution is used to saturate the hair. This helps in re-aligning the structure of your hair. Your hair will then be blow-dried to set the hair and fix the newly-formed structure.

Is smoothening better than straightening?

Yes, definitely. Both, the process and the results are better if you get hair smoothening. The result is more natural with soft waves with a smooth texture as compared to needle straight hair which looks unnatural and stiff. The process is less harmful to your hair and the effects last longer as the change between your natural hair and smoothed hair is not drastic. When new hair grows out, there is a subtle difference only. The chemicals used in hair smoothening are less harsh as compared to the ones used in hair straightening, therefore, the damage is lesser.

Who should get hair smoothening?

Although most salon owners will tell you that you should get a Keratin Treatment done if you have frizzy hair, but do proper research before taking this step. Hair smoothening is not for everyone. If you have extremely curly hair, your hair might turn wavy but do not expect to get pure straight hair. The same is the case with thick hair.

How long does hair smoothening last?

The effect of hair smoothening lasts differently for different people. The effects depend upon the thickness and texture of your hair. On an average, the effect can last anywhere from 2 months to 8 months.

Side effects of hair smoothening

Like any other chemical treatment, Hair Smoothening will definitely have some side-effects. By getting processes like smoothening and straightening done, you are basically changing the chemical structure of your hair to look different. The chemicals touch your scalp and can enter the hair follicle. You might be sensitive to one or a few of the chemicals used and have serious allergy or rash on your scalp. The quality of your hair is also affected. This treatment might make your hair thinner and weaker. Dandruff is a very common problem after getting hair smoothening done.

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