Have You Tried Flax Seeds (अलसी , सन का बीज) for Hair Growth ?!

by Iyman VJ
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Flax Seeds (अलसी, सन का बीज), the recent super food seems to have a long list of benefits. It is used to promote weight loss and also solve problems of PCOS, But little did we know that it can also be used for getting healthy hair? To find out more and know how to use these seeds continue reading further below.

Flax Seeds (अलसी , सन का बीज) 3

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 Most of the dieticians and nutritionists around the globe are promoting and popularizing flax seeds. Mainly because it is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which help to lose weight. It also contains Protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and other essential minerals, which have tons and tons of beneficiary effects.

Flax seeds are also a rich source of fiber which helps in digestion to prevent constipation and also improves the satiety value of food, to make us feel full for longer hours. These properties of flax seeds aid in weight loss and is used in food and smoothies by people around the globe.

Regular consumption of flax seeds prevents cancer. The lignins present in them helps to lower high levels of estrogen in women and maintain good hormonal balance. They prevent hair fall due to hormonal changes and also helps women with irregular periods and those with extreme symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

In this article, we shall exclusively discuss the benefits of flax seeds for hair and ways to use it.


Moisture Balance for Silky Shiny Hair

Flax seed oil is light and easy to use on your hair, like other beneficial oils this does not leave behind a heavy residue on your hair. It makes hair smooth and shiny and especially beneficial during the winter months when the scalp and skin dry out due to cold weather.

Improves Elasticity and Makes Hair Stronger

Flax seeds oils have proven to make hair stronger, according to a research article, the omega three fatty acids in flax seeds are essential for hair follicles and makes hair more elastic which prevents it from breaking.

Promotes Hair Growth

The mineral nutrients in flax seeds are essential for hair growth. Minerals such as zinc, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, and protein are required for healthy hair growth.

Reduces Scalp Problems

Being rich in anti-oxidants, flax seeds reduce oxidative stress which prevents scalp related problems such as dandruff, eczema and other skin conditions.


There are a zillion home remedies for hair online. Here we shall show you some ways by which you can use flax seeds to improve you’re your hair. These remedies are super easy and effective and can be done by you.

Flaxseed hair oil

Use this hair oil to grow hair faster

You will need 

Flaxseed oil – 4 tbsp

  • Take it in a bowl and heat it till its warm
  • Massage it into your scalp for about five minutes
  • Wrap your hair in a warm towel
  • Leave it for about half an hour
  • Shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo and air day it
  • Do this twice or thrice a week
  • For best results also use flax seed hair gel

Nourishing DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel

Flax Seeds (अलसी , सन का बीज) 4

Image Credit : Ashley’s green life

This is a leave-on gel, made with flax seeds. It has nourishing properties and works wonders for frizz control in curly hair.

To make this gel you will need:
  • Flax seeds- 3 tbsp (brown )
  • Water 1.5 cups
  • Essential oils- lavender & rosemary 6 drops each (optional)
  • Take water in a saucepan, boil it.
  • Add flax seeds, continue boiling it in medium flame till water starts to thicken.
  • Take the mixture and strain it using a tea strainer to remove flax seeds from it.
  • To avoid this step you can directly heat flax seeds in a tea strainer or in a drawstring bag. I prefer heating them first and then straining it as this releases more oils from the seeds. But it has to be strained quickly because if the gel begins to thicken it becomes difficult to strain it
  • Add essential oils to your gel
  • Store it in the fridge. Use it when required and make a fresh batch when it gets frothy. (Normally around two weeks)

Note: you can change the ratio of water and flax seeds used to make the gel consistency of your choice

Ways to Consume Flax Seeds

  1.  You can eat this nutty flavored seed as a whole after roasting it over dry heat.
  2. Grind it to make powder and add it to your salads, smoothies or soups. You can also add it in your rolls and cookies and consume it.
  3. Add flax seed powder to yogurt along with some fruits and consume it fresh.

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