Herbal Me Hair Oil Review

by Sone
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Ok, have we all not been born and bought up in the lap of good old coconut oil 😛  Oiling hair has been a ritual just before every hair wash! How many time has your mother told you this, your hair was great till the time I was taking care of it. Oh I hear no end of that 😛

Basically as I grew up, the coconut oil didn’t work anymore, I was too lazy at times or I had switched to the new fad of hair masks. You know what…that stuff really doesn’t work much anymore!

Atleast once a week one needs to do a deep conditioning treatment. What’s better than natural oil infused with natural ingredients then?


Herbal Me Hair Oil Review


What is it and who is it for?

Deep conditioning and repairing hair oil made with natural ingredients.



Rs. 375 for 200 ml


Herbal Me Hair Oil Review 1


Sensitive Skin Alert?

Patch test advised


Herbal Me Hair Oil Review 6





Herbal Me Hair Oil Review 2


What does the Brand Claim about Herbal Me Hair Oil?

Almond ,sesame, olive, coconut n castor oil with fresh amla juice curry leaves, mint leaves fenugreek seeds in a bottle of dry herbs making it very effective in stopping hairball n roving dryness. Restores health to hair removing dryness.


Herbal Me Hair Oil Review 4


How to use:

Apply as is or warmed a bit, on scalp onwards till ends.


My Experience with Herbal Me Hair Oil

This hair oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The oil has herbs and twigs in it that adds to the natural appeal. This oil is a bit thick and has a mehndi colored tinged to it.


Herbal Me Hair Oil Review 3


Coming to the smell…it’s very awful, like mehndi steeped in so many herbs. Definitely herbally. I was awfully put off by the smell. But I ploughed through and applied it liberally on the scalp to the roots. I left the oil on for an hour, followed by a hot stem towel. Actually, basically what I did was do the DIY oil Spa, Its mentioned in detail here 😀

But oh my hair, my hair was super soft. The hair felt smooth, the frizziness had subsided and there was a healthy shine in my hair. My hair looked and felt super duper healthy!


Herbal Me Hair Oil Review 5


All that smell…it’s worth it. Your hair will feel healthy and nourished and that does count!


Positives of Herbal Me Hair Oil

  • Natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Gives shine and nourishment to hair


Negatives of Herbal Me Hair Oil

  • Does not smell good-but hey it works so no complaints


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

This hair oil is a really good product. At the price and the fact that it has all natural goodness, I do recommend you guys giving it a try. Even though I hate the smell, I will be repurchasing this 🙂


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Mallika May 25, 2017 - 9:16 PM

Looks so good !
love the way they have infused all the herbs together ..