How to Wear Heels WITHOUT Pain !

by Tanu Shree
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Wear Heels WITHOUT Pain: We all love sporting funky footwear. We want all kinds in our wardrobe – flats, sneakers, sports shoes, heels and boots! But more often than not, we leave out the heels and wear all others on regular basis. Heels are then left for “special occasions” which translates to once in a blue moon and not more than a few hours on a stretch.

Wear Heels WITHOUT Pain

It’s not that we don’t want to wear our beautiful stilettos. It’s just that they are too painful to be worn the entire day. But fret not; there are ways to wear them that won’t end up killing your feet. Read on.

  1. Right size

Before you roll your eyes, know that this is literally the most important aspect of wearing heels. You need to know your correct shoe size, and buy heels that are exactly that size; not smaller, not bigger – just that size. Because the comfort starts from there. Bigger heels will make your toe slip further, and smaller ones will be unusually tight.

  1. Thick sole

The sole of the shoe works in absorbing pressure/weight. The ones with little to no sole are more likely to hurt you. Look for a bit of platform on them, better if it is rubber, as it absorbs the pressure better.

  1. Broader the heel, the better

I know pencil heels look just perfect. But they offer no support to your the back of your feet which carry all your weight. Better to leave the stilettos for special occasion and dresses which absolutely call for them, and opt for heels with some sort of platforms. Wedges are the absolute best, or you can go with block heels as well.

  1. Closed top

The more coverage the shoe provides, the more the comfort. Funky heels with little coverage are bound to let your feet slip and provide no restraint for them to get comfortable in. Closed heels hold your feet in place and are much more comfortable.

  1. Strap up

Or if you don’t want a completely covering heel, you can look for some kind of strap. A strap along the ankle, or a little beneath it works well. Because straps work just as fine to hold your feet in place. And they are stylish as well.

  1. Slope

Another important aspect is the slope. Many times we don’t consider the slope of the heel. A downright/steep/immediate slope will provide no support whatsoever. Look for heels which have a gradual slope downwards to the flatbed of the shoe. You will be surprised just how much comfort this one little change provides.

  1. Walk right

Even with the right kind of shoe, you can have painful experiences if you don’t walk right. And this problem is more common than you think. Keep your posture straight, knees straight, and always outstretch your leg as much is comfortable. Always land your heel first and then your toe. So many girls do it the other way round. Not only is it wrong, you are more prone to falling because of imbalance this way. So make sure to always land you heel first. And lastly, walk with confidence, and don’t forget to practice.

  1. Take breaks

You should be doing it with not just heels, but every type of footwear, FYI. But more so and more importantly with heels, because you need to allow your feet to breathe and relax from the confines of your shoes. This little trick works wonders in keeping the feet pain free.

  1. Stretch

At the end of the day, stretch your feet, roll them around to relieve them. You can massage them too. Occasionally indulge in pedicures when you can, to keep your feet fresh and re-energized.

  1. Padding it up

You can add a sort of layer on the floor of the shoe. It can be a soft cloth, or cotton that makes a pad-like bedding which not only comforts your feet but also absorbs the pressure. This is a tried and tested method and works great if you want painless heels.

So there you go. These were some ways to wear heels without excruciating pains. Just pay attention to small details like these, chose wisely and wearing heels wouldn’t be a so much of a headache.

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Smriti June 3, 2017 - 4:48 PM

The last tip is great. Cotton or even silicone padding works absolute wonders. Thanks for the tips.great one

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Even I liked the last tip! I didn’t know about this! Great article.

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A great article for the heal lovers :good:

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Great article :good:

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