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by Arya Chatterjee
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HUDA Beauty: Huda Kattan and her sisters Alya and Mona Kattan run the business empire of Huda Beauty together. If you’re up to date with the makeup world, you’ll be aware of who Huda Beauty is. She emerged as Hollywood makeup artist who put makeup videos up on Instagram and YouTube and today she has her own franchise of makeup products.

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Image Credit: Huda Beauty

She is a beauty consultant based in Dubai and is now recognized worldwide because of her inventive beauty hacks and her innovative beauty products. If you are part of her 16 million followers on Instagram or a subscriber on YouTube, you’ll know how helpful her videos and tutorials are.

In this day and age of day and being aware of the things around you, Huda brought makeup and beauty to another level, giving world-renowned makeup brands a run for their money.

Huda began by creating videos to achieve the perfect brow because she claims to have had brows like ‘Bert’ in Bert and Ernie when she was 9 years. And so grew her passion for everything makeup and beauty.

HUDA Beauty

Image Credit: : Muppet Wiki

Her older sisters Alya and Mona encouraged starting a The two of them were already fascinated with makeup as a profession and Mona also runs a popular salon chain in Dubai known as Doll’s House.

Huda began by reviewing products of successful brands on her social media and so began her fan-following of now 16 million followers. An inside of Huda’s closet today shows a ton of makeup products sent to her to review and talk about.

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Image Credit : Huda Beauty

Her makeup products began with a series of false lashes known as Huda Beauty Lashes which now range in Classic Collection, Easy Lashes, Faux Minx and Minx Collection. She then went on to release her lip contour lip pencils which were available in 16 colors.

Huda Beauty recently released their liquid matte lipsticks to compliment these lip contours. And her most popular product till today has been her Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette. also offers a vast range of collection of nails and tattoos to choose from.

Little known fact is that Huda didn’t always work in the makeup industry. She used to be a financial recruiter who lost her job during the recession. Sad as it may it, this gave her the push to finally wake up and realize where her passion lies. And so started the internet blogging.

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Image Credit : Huda Beauty

She didn’t become successful overnight. After years of blogging and YouTube, Huda finally gained recognition in the year 2010 and then later in 2012 when she signed in on Instagram. And the rest as they say is history.

Married and with a daughter, Huda’s husband Christopher and her father Ibrahim also work for the Huda Beauty franchise where the family business has developed into an empire. Huda Beauty is truly an international sensation and her products are sold in namely Sephora as well as her own beauty site.

If you’re not following her on Instagram or YouTube, you need to right now. I’ll leave you with the most profound Huda Beauty quote till date:

“I can do my ten-minute glam, which is pretty glam, and then I can do my hour glam.”



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