Loreal Base Magique Primer Review

by Komal Sinha
3 minutes read

What Is It And Who Is It For? Loreal Base Magique Primer Many people still don’t understand what a primer is. A primer is not something very new. It is basically used to create a finer base for face makeup or foundation application. There are many different formulas addressing differing needs.

They come in both cream, gel and powder form. Many people have large pores or very oily skin. A Face primer helps in addressing even these concerns. If you want a flawless and smooth application of your base then a primer is a must.


Rs 899 for 15 ml

L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer 2

L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer 3

My Experience with Loreal Paris Base Magique Primer

L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer 4

The packaging of the product is nice showing all the details about the technique clearly. It is in the form of a jar so dipping your finger every time to get out the product can be a bit unhygienic. I wish it could be packaged in a tube form. It has a very thick texture and is quite similar to a soft wax. It is white in color and has no fragrance at all. When blended this white wax texture goes transparent. Staying power also increases from 4 to 5 hrs without any touch-ups. I use this primer as a base and top it up with my regular bb cream or day cream.
It is a creamy primer that creates a flawless look when applied. It covers the pores and removes oiliness from your face. The foundation stays for a longer period of time when applied over this primer. It does not cause any kind of irritation or breakouts. The only concern is that if your face is very dry it will make your face even drier. So it might not be a very good option for dry skinned beauties. Rest for normal and oily skinned girls it is a clear win product. Before applying this primer moisturize your face very well.

L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer 5


·         Covers pores and eliminates oiliness.

·         Glides on easily

·         It is not greasy at all.

·         Increases the longevity of foundation

·         Does not cause any irritation or breakout

·         It is suitable for all skin types

·         Little amount gives fine results.


·         It has silicon which might irritate some people’s skin.

·         The jar packaging is a bit unhygienic.

·         It might not be a good choice for dry skinned beauties.

 Will I recommend/repurchase?

Overall it is a good primer. It caters to all the needs that can be addressed by a primer. So from my side, it is highly recommended.

GlossyPolish Verdict:

I’ll give it 4/5.


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