Incolor Metallic Lipstick 45 Review

by Bhumika Gupta
5 minutes read

Hey everyone! We all know how popular Incolor lipsticks are nowadays, they have a lot of ranges and types to offer, so I got my hands on their metallic lipstick, which isn’t harsh like the matte me range, this is soft on the lips as it is a creamy matte lipshade. I am going to review shade number 45 from the range which is a pinkish-mauve shade. It isn’t proper pink or proper mauve, but a mix of both. Read the entire review to know about the shade.


 incolor metallic lipstick 45


What is it and who is it for?

This is basically a creamy matte lipshade, not a completely matte one. It’ll take some time to glide and dry on your lips and will be a little sticky or transferable in the start. This is for people who want glossy/creamy matte shades and not harsh shades for lips. The body of the lip-shade is honestly very plain brown with a tint of dark purple, with the shade number mentioned at the bottom. It is not transparent at all so you will have to see the shade from inside.



Rs 300 for 3.8g


incolor metallic lipstick 45 2





What does the Brand Claim about Incolor Metallic Lipstick 45 ?

The brand claims that the incolor metallic lipsticks Consists Of Hydrating Agents which keeps your lips healthy,and also it claims that it gives a Perfect Effect of the color to your lips and moisturizes dry lips as it is creamy matte in texture.


incolor metallic lipstick 45 1


How to Use:

Apply it normally like any other lipstick that you apply, like starting from your center lip to the corners and then to your lower lip, if you want it to be light, one swipe is enough otherwise go for 2 swipes. It might be a little sticky/or may spread a little so give it 1 min to settle on your lips or use your finger or tissue if required.


incolor metallic lipstick 45 3


My Experience withIncolor Metallic Lipstick 45

My experience has been average, I like the product because of the color, it is a pretty mauve shade a light one, it’s a good shade for day wear also. I like the fact that it is creamy matte so it makes you lips look hydrated and not dry. It is a bit transferable in the starting but will settle in a while, talking about the packaging I found it dull and boring, it’s just too plain, all of us know that presentation does matter, and you can’t even see the color from outside so that is where the product lacks for me. The price is not that less for it to be so plain and dull. The particular range is not for harsh matte lovers. The lipstick even after coming off will not look bad as a little bit of pinkish touch will remain on your lips. The stay otherwise is for about 3 to 3.5 hours.


 incolor metallic lipstick 45 4


Positives of Incolor Metallic Lipstick 45

  • Affordable
  • Creamy matte
  • Hydrating
  • Easy to carry


Negatives of Incolor Metallic Lipstick 45

  • Bad/dull/boring packaging
  • May transfer


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I can recommend this if you guys want the shade because of the color as yes the color is indeed a pretty one! And the texture is fine too.


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