Inglot Lipstick 127 Review

by Aakriti Chauhan Gandhi
2 minutes read

Red, that drop-dead red! Oh, that is the dream. The sign of feminine power and color that makes you shine like a star.

Being a makeup artist, there has to be one red, a creamy luscious red that can complement most outfits and look.

Here is the review of one such lipstick-the Inglot 127!

Inglot Lipstick 127 Review



How to Use:

Direct application on the lips or use a lipstick brush.

My Experience with Inglot Lipstick 127:

Inglot Lipstick 127 Review 5

Lipstick 127 is a shade of blood red color. The lipstick comes in a cylindrical shape in a black color packaging. The packaging is good…..classy. It is a creamy lipstick. As the company claims it has natural moisturizers, it does moisturize the lips really well. Even if the lips are not moisturized well it does not matter. This lipstick has a good stay of around 5-6 hrs. But even after that, the color does not go completely. It leaves its color on the lips. If you want to increase the stay apply a lip liner beneath. Even if you have a proper meal this lipstick stays. Since its formulation is creamy it might bleed sometimes so it’s better to use a lip liner. It does not bleed if used on top of a lip liner. This shade goes on all skin undertones.

Personally, I love this color and use it on special outings as it not an everyday shade.

Inglot Lipstick 127 Review 6

  1. Classy Packaging
  2. Very Pigmented
  3. Has Natural Moisturizers Which Keeps The Lips Well Moisturized
  4. Long Stay
  5. Value For Money
  6. Does Not Bleed Using A Lip Liner
  7. Goes Well On All Indian Skin Tones
Negatives of Inglot Lipstick 127:
  1. It Might Bleed Sometimes If Used Without A Lip Liner

Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would repurchase it and recommend as well.

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