Iraya Japakusum Taila Review

by Aneesha Bhadri

What is it and who is it for? The Iraya Japakusum Taila is Ayurvedic hair oil made of hibiscus, bhringraj and other herbs in a blend of coconut and sesame oils.

Iraya Japakusum Taila Review


Rs. 200 for 100ml

Sensitive skin alert?



How to use-

Massage it onto scalp.


My experience with the Iraya Japakusum Taila –

I am a conditioner and serum gal, but occasionally, I like to indulge in some natural therapy. At such times, I massage my scalp with oil and wash it off after a few hours. After reading about the benefits of cold pressed oils, I decided to give the Japakusum Taila a try. After the first application, I noticed that my hair was quite soft and shiny. Also, I did not experience the kind of hair fall I do when I use ordinary processed oils. Japakusum Taila has a rather unpleasant odour, but I was impressed by its effectiveness. My hair was super soft and more manageable.

Iraya Japakusum Taila Review 2

  1. Softens the hair
  2. Gives it a shine
  3. Reduces hair fall
  1. Bad smell
Overall would I repurchase and recommend?

The smell puts me off, but I trust the efficacy of the oil. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind the odour and it definitely does not smell as bad as a raw egg hair mask 😉

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