Jovees Rose Toner Review

by Bhumika Gupta
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Jovees Rose Toner is basically a rose toner cum astringent which is used for the purpose of cleaning your face. The best part is that rose water has always been amazing for the face, the brand has other toners too, one of which is cucumber, but I really wanted to try the rose one. It is claimed to be ideal for normal to dry skin.

The toner comes in a transparent plastic bottle, the liquid inside being visible which is of light rose color. There is a small transparent cap to cover the spray lid. The entire details are mentioned on the body of the bottle.Jovees Rose Skin Toner


Rs 185 for 200ml

How to Use:

It is mentioned on the body that this product will benefit more if used with Jovees strawberry facewash, it’s a great one too, I had previously reviewed it, check out if you haven’t already. So clean your face with the face wash, let it dry and then spray sufficient quantity on cotton balls and dab on face and neck, you should try use it twice a day.

My Experience with Jovees Rose Toner

My experience till now it has been good; I can assure that the product would do well to people with dry skin. It does clean my face a lot. My skin looks quite soft and clean after the application. The best part is the fragrance; it is pure rose water which is pleasant but not strong or irritable. It also provides an instant cooling effect when applied. It might not work a lot on the pores, and I think there is some artificial color added to the product.

  1. Smells really fresh
  2. Good at removing oil and dirt from the face
  3. Will give you a clean and clear look
  1. Does not work a lot on pores
  2. Not very travel-friendly
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would recommend you guys to try it, especially people with oily skin should go for this one. It will do well to you guys, as it did for me.

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nicely reviewed for the toner 🙂

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