Joy Skin Fruits Scrub Oil Regulating Fruits Review

by Komal Kanojia
3 minutes read

Joy Skin Fruits Scrub Oil Regulating Fruits: Hate that sun tan or the dead skin cells or those blackheads peeping right through your skin saying hello to your friends? Yeah I know that felling too and it feels terrible. The oil production leads to super stubborn acne and for teenagers it is the worst nightmare. Also the confidence level drops down as we are too conscious about our skin. Thank god we have scrubs or exfoliators to our rescue. Exfoliation scrapes off those dirt particles and the dead skin cells, rejuvenating your skin. I would also like to add a bit of information regarding exfoliation here. Exfoliating does not mean scrubbing your face too hardly. A lot of people think that the dead skin will shed off if they scrub harshly against the skin. Well, this may lead to insensitivity or even rashes. All you have to do is gently massage it all across the surface so the granules roll on to your skin inducing blood circulation which will renew your skin.

So if you want that glowing radiant skin, exfoliation is you answer girl. Here’s a review of the joy skin fruits oil regulating fruits scrub:

Price: 199/-
Directions for use:

Apply a scoop of the scrub to wet skin and gently massage in circular motion, focusing on rough skin areas. Rinse and clean thoroughly.

My experience with Joy Skin Fruits Scrub Oil Regulating Fruits

Being a huge fan of exfoliation and having tried a variety of facial scrubs, I thought that this one best suited my skin. The granule size is just perfect for facial purpose as it does not feel too harsh on the skin. Because the granules are neither too big to feel insensitive nor too small to feel the scrubbing against the skin, it becomes the best exfoliator for everyday purpose. Moreover, the presence of strawberry makes it more tempting. The fragrance is amazing and is not irritating at all. It definitely clean pores and removes blackheads leaving the skin refreshed. It has natural fruit AHAs which are great for skin. The skin becomes plump and revitalized. It comes in a tube packaging which makes it travel friendly. It is a really mild scrub and is really good for sensitive skin too. Ever since I’ve got this, I don’t feel like replacing it with any other scrub in the market. As far as controlling oil levels are concerned, I think it contributes little but as we say “Something is better than nothing”.

Joy Skin Fruits Oil Regulating Fruits Scrub

  1. Oil regulating
  2. Blackhead removal
  3. Prevents blemishes
  4. Revitalizing and re-energizing
  5. Leaves the skin smooth and youthful
  6. Granular size is very good for everyday purpose
  7. Economical
  1. None that I could find
Would I recommend and repurchase it?

The answer to this question would be a big big yes. I will definitely repurchase this product. Joy skin fruits also offers other variants of the exfoliators. Go girls and grab the one that suits you well as this will give you one hell of an experience.

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Narayani March 30, 2017 - 12:22 PM

This is pretty cheap man!

Paneeni March 30, 2017 - 12:35 PM

Great review 🙂