Khadi Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review

by Lata Lalwani
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What is it? Khadi Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser is a product from a well-known brand “Khadi” from their hair care range. This is a typical hair cleanser what we say and definitely not a shampoo. The cleanser is infused with amazing natural ingredients which are very beneficial for our hairs. Along with making the hairs smooth and shiny, this hair cleanser also helps in removing dirt and dust from the scalp. It is termed as a cleanser because it literally cleanses everything in the scalp. The nourishment that it provides to your hair is remarkable. The hair care range of brand Khadi is doing pretty well over the years.

Khadi Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser

Price and Quantity: Rs 145 for 201ml
Sensitive Skin Alert: Not at all

The Khadi Honey and Vanilla Cleanser is definitely a good one. It has natural ingredients in it which makes it really effective. However, there is no claim by the brand that the cleanser is organic or vegan.

My experience with Khadi Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser

Packaging and Structure: 

The hair cleansers by Khadi are all packed in the same manner. The cleanser has a flip top kind of cap which you can open whenever you need. It is not a pump structure which is a good point. The transparent bottle allows you to get the gist of how the cleanser looks like and what is the real colour of it. The packaging of this hair cleanser is quite travel-friendly. However, one cannot trust the flip top opening. So, always be prepared for it.

Color and Texture:

If we talk about the color and texture of this hair cleanser particularly then it is light yellow in color. The texture of Khadi Honey and Vanilla Cleanser is transparent and thick. The cleanser is not at all liquid or in a runny consistency. The thick paste like consistency will lasts you for good 2 months or even more. The light yellow color is definitely due to the extracts of honey, almond, neem, basil, reetha and shikakai.


The aroma of this hair cleanser is more like a cream or something rather than a shampoo. It has vanilla extracts which adds a little bit of flavour into it. The fragrance is not at all disappointing. It is sweet, calm and definitely a pleasing one.

My experience:

After using Khadi Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser for about 2 months, I have so many mixed opinions about this product. There are definitely good and bad reviews as well. So, the best part about using Khadi products is that they are pretty affordable, and under a budget. I mean people who cannot afford to buy luxurious beauty or hair care products for them; they must try Khadi as an amazing option.

The hair cleanser is nice for people who have short and normal hairs. My hairs are long and I didn’t find any WOW factor in this hair cleanser. It does not create a lot of foam which is quite disappointing. However, it helps in cleaning the scalp thoroughly. The cleanser is good for people who have short hairs. The smell of this cleanser is more like a vanilla ice-cream than a basic cleanser. Well, maybe that’s a plus point of this cleanser. But, nevertheless it is not that bad.

  1. Infused with natural ingredients.
  2. Power of cleaning thoroughly.
  3. Affordable and inexpensive.
  4. Travel friendly packaging.
  5. Conditioning properties.
  6. Cleanses the hair very well.
  7. Flavour of vanilla.
  1. Cannot be used solely.
  2. Not perfect for long hairs.
Would I repurchase or recommend?

I may not really purchase this one because Khadi Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser didn’t work for me. It is good for people who have short hairs. My hairs are long and I cannot trust this one entirely. Girls with long hairs cannot depend solely on this cleanser. If using it, they might need a good shampoo as well. However, I do recommend it for girls who have short hairs. It will definitely work pretty well for them.

Rating: 3/5.

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