Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss Review

by Purbasha Mishra
5 minutes read

Diamonds are a women’s best friend is something we all have heard, but I personally do not agree with this as I would like to state that a woman’s best friend is and always has been cosmetic products. And out of them Lipstick or Lipgloss is the reigning product which most of the women love using. If it is a stressful or a hectic day and there is no time to get ready then just dab on some lipstick and one is ready to go out feeling beautiful and confident. As an ardent user of cosmetics, I have had the opportunity to use a lot of products which has made me capable of grading them and choosing the better one out of the numerous products in the market. One such product would be Lakme absolute gloss stylist in the shade of burgundy burn which I would be reviewing today.

Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss 2


Basic Info About Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss

Price: ₹ 700

Shade: Burgundy Burn

According to Lakme: Now get super luscious looking lips with this one of a kind gloss, that gives you high shine as well as high coverage for a lacquered finish. Highly recommended by Lakmé experts, it’s time to go Gloss Stylist for super glossy lips and rule the world with a picture perfect pout!

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How I prefer to apply it

Start by applying from the center of the lower lip and spread to the entire lower lip. Then focus on the upper lip. Start by making a V in the middle of your cupids bow and spread to the entire lip. One can go for a second coat if there is a desire for a brighter shade.


My Experience with Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss

Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss 3

This product was given to me by my equally make up obsessed cousin who blindly trusted this product and wanted me to try it. Even though I do not prefer using lip glosses and normally go for a matte lipstick, I really like this product. The color even though really bright doesn’t make me look crazy or it doesn’t make my makeup look too loud even though I have a wheatish complexion. It has that adorable bright bubble gum shade which makes me or anybody using it look adorable. The consistency of this product is quite good and is not too liquid which does not make it drip like some other lipglosses I have tried did. I am not a huge fan of lipglosses as I do not really like glossy effect on my lips. I feel it does not suit me so I normally don’t go for it when I am getting ready for a party or have to go out. Even though I vouch for Lakme absolute gloss stylist in the shade of burgundy burn, I myself don’t use it on a regular basis for the above reasons. The only time I use it is when I am dressing up for an occasion and I know that pink would be the best shade to suit my outfit. I am normally in a fix when I want to use Lakme absolute gloss stylist but also don’t want to go for a gloss effect. These are the times when a little bit of baby powder comes in handy. I dab some of it on my lips and make it matte as I am obsessed with the bright and cheerful color it has. I am not a brand obsessed user of cosmetics so I don’t normally follow just one brand when I am buying products but when it comes to Lakme I am almost never disappointed and somehow end up buying lip shades or lip glosses from Lakme every time. The consistency of this product is quite good and sticky enough. It stays for a long time and is suitable for wearing to office or college as its long lasting. The main reason as to why I love the shade so much and have been raving about it from the beginning of the article is because even though it is a bright shade, it doesn’t make your makeup look heavy like so many other pink shades of different companies make you look. It is perfect to wear it to casual outings or to a party or to a wedding. My friend normally wears it to college almost every day and it looks amazing on her. So finally I would conclude this article by saying that Lakme absolute gloss stylist is a must try for all those people who love doing makeup and especially for those who religiously go for a gloss effect on their lips.

Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss 1

Overall Performance of Lakme Burgundy Burn Absolute Gloss

Reasons as to why Lakme absolute gloss stylist-burgundy burn is a must buy.

  • It has perfect consistency and as a result, spreads like butter on your lips
  • The adorable pink shade does not make your makeup look loud.
  • Can be applied on almost all occasions.
  • Value for money
  • Brand value


Would I recommend it?

Definitely!! It’s not just an amazing product but it’s also worth the money.

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