Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry Review

by Varsha Bhat
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry belongs to a range of dual cored lip balms, a rare 1 to find. This 1, in particular, is a strawberry lip balm which is light pink in color. It is for well moisturized lips also has an extra kick of SPF 15. The Sunblock is an attractive feature, luring people to buy it because it makes the lips more youthful and light in color. The amount of product available is 3.5 Gms. The color looks like it’s going to suit only the people with light complexion because the pigmentation might not come through on dark lips.

Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry Review


Rs 200

How to Use:

Step 1: Pull out the cap.

Step 2: Start applying from the center of your upper lip.

Step 3: Work from the center towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth.

Step 4: Glide across the entire bottom lip.

My Experience with Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry

Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry Review 2

I love lip love! It’s beautiful. I love the packaging, very chic. It has a nice plastic transparent cap enclosing the twist up lip balm. It did not really fix my cracked lips so I don’t use it when my lips are at a horrible stage. I love how nice and light it feels. It has a nice fragrance, little sweet, little floral, not over powering. It stays put for some solid hours if I’m not munching a lot.

The pigmentation is good enough for as much as lip balms care.

I don’t know how much work the SPF is doing because I never had dark lips so that’s a little controversial for me. Anyways, it might be having long term consequences in keeping them away from premature aging.

Even after good 2 swipes, I did not feel it is heavy. I love the way the balm just glides on my lips. They instantly become supple and bright.

Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry Review 3

  1.  Makes the lips soft, shiny and supple.
  2. Easily available in cosmetic and medical stores.
  3. Smooth texture, nicely glides.
  4. Decent amount of product is available.
  5. Good amount of pigmentation. Looks nice on fair skin.
  1. May not be affordable to many. Slightly high priced for a lip balm.
  2. Doesn’t have good lasting power. (About 4 hours if you are not eating oily stuff).
  3. May not suit darker skin tones. (The color might not show up.)
Overall would I Repurchase and Recommend?

Yes, I would buy it again. I love the Moisturization that it provides. It’s quick and easy to apply. Really good for everyday use if you want to avoid too much attention to your lips that you may get from the lipsticks. The pigmentation is just adorable for people like me who go to college; it makes my lips look alive.

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