Loreal Superliner Review

by Aastha Narula
2 minutes read

Hello friends!We all know that liners nowadays are a necessity. I never thought that drawing a black line on my eyelid could make me feel and look pretty. Drawing perfect eyeliner is an art. The one who masters is an artist.So, today I will be reviewing a Loreal Eyeliner, the Loreal  Superliner in fact !!!

Loreal Paris Super Liner Carbon Gloss Review 1


6ml for 675Rs

How to Use the Product

The product is simple and easy to use. It has a soft and supple sponge tipped pen. Superliner carbon gloss gives a quick and uniform application of the fluid. One can create a line thick or thin, as per she wishes. Hold the eyelid taut with your other hand to facilitate the application.

My Experience with Loreal Superliner

My experience with this product is average till now.  The application of the product is soft and easy. However, I had one difficulty while using and that was that the tip is unmanageable, and due to this, my eyeliner is many times uneven. The tip is way too soft to be managed. Another thing which was a major turnoff was that the finish is not matte. It is way too glossy and shiny, due to which many times the eyeliner would peel off like a mask. The thing which I liked about this eyeliner is that it is long lasting and doesn’t smudge easily. I applied this product once for about 10 hours. Still, I saw no signs of smudging.

Loreal Paris Super Liner Carbon Gloss Review

  1. No smudging
  2. Long lasting
  3. Soft tip
  4. Easy application
  1. Tip is unmanageable
  2. Way too glossy finish
  3. Eyeliner peels off many times
  4. Expensive
Overall Would I Recommend And Repurchase


Glossy Polish Verdict


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