L’Oreal Wasted Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201 Review

by Gargi B Niyogi
4 minutes read

Hello Gorgeous WomenI have always been a L’Oreal and Lakme Fan Girl as I swear by the consistent performance and thoughtful pricing of their products. So, when the new Infallible L’Oreal Range hit the markets I brought the Sexy Balm which promises to combine the advantages of both lipstick and lip balm in one shot. It’s been a week since I have been using this shade L’Oreal Wasted Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted so let’s check out how it fared.


Price: 475/- (way too high for a lip balm but decent for a lipstick!!)

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201 2

My Experience with L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201

This lip balm comes with a black crayon like Body with a metallic burgundy shaded Opaque lid. As you can see there is a demarcation at the bottom…that’s the part which controls the lip balm twister. When I first tried to open the sealed product…I twisted the bottom quite hard…the product didn’t open. After a couple of minutes, I realized that the lid had to be twisted really hard…I did that and was rewarded by the entire lip balm stick jutting out at my face. Sadly the packaging is flimsy and not meant for people like me who are always short on time and predisposed towards clumsiness 😉

Now for the colour…it’s a deep burgundy that’s kind of really sexy. The Wasted is a winter color and will look good for this festive season…it gives the face a decadent vampish look that looks awesome if you can flaunt it with oodles of confidence.

The pigmentation is awesome…this is one of the most pigmented balms I have come across. It delivers great color in a single swipe. The durability is good …the color doesn’t come off easily…it will actually stay till you wipe off the product with a cleanser (at least that’s the way it happened with me). The miniaturization is decent…which makes the Infallible Sexy Balm great for the winters.

Now for the cons, the product highlighted the pigmented spots on my lips…I didn’t think that the finish was even. Also, I didn’t like the way the color stained my lips burgundy and refused to come off even when I washed my face. This made me think scarily about the tons of chemicals which must have been used to get this “infallible” staying power.

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201 3

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201

Overall Performance 

The USP of the Infallible Sexy Balm is its combination of balm and lipstick and to that extent, it delivers its promise. The obvious disadvantages of this product are its packaging, its stubborn staining properties, and its pricing. At this price, I would expect a sturdier product with prettier packaging…it’s been a week since the Sexy Balm is in my bag and I can already notice the silver lettering starting to peel off.

Would I recommend?

I will suggest buying the Sexy Balm to women who have really nice un-pigmented lips and an obvious scarcity of time. The very fact that there are strong moisturization and pigmentation benefits is a good motivating factor. I personally won’t buy this shade again…Wasted made me look a little wasted!!

Maybe I will experiment with Clueless or with a sheer shade the next time. This is somewhat an optional try product…I would give this a 2.5/ 5 rating…go figure out this one yourself.

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Debanjan January 3, 2018 - 11:07 AM

Well written ?

Sreeparna Ganguly January 3, 2018 - 11:34 AM

This lip colour is giving you perfect winter lips :rose:
Nice review :good:

Sreeparna Ganguly January 3, 2018 - 11:35 AM

The unevenness of the shade is not showing up on the pictures!! 🙂

Gargi Niyogi January 3, 2018 - 12:45 PM

Camera ka kamaal ☺☺

Smriti January 3, 2018 - 1:51 PM

Kamaal karti ho. Great review. Well described. I like how the shade looks on you.

Navdita Rathore January 4, 2018 - 3:00 PM

the perfect winter shade, it looks good on you though. :love

Gargi Niyogi January 5, 2018 - 9:45 PM

Thank you lovelies 🙂