MAC Plum Lip Pencil Review

by V Sravanti
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Greetings to all out there!

I am back with a review on one of the most desired products, one from the MAC store. It’s nothing but the MAC Plum Lip Pencil, named Potent Reddened Plum. MAC is known for being expensive and at the same time, desired to be in every girl’s closet.

Lip pencils enhance your lips’ beauty, since the shape of your lip is shown prominent. On the first look, the lips catch the attention after the eyes do. As said, first impression is the best impression, I feel products related to the eyes and lips should be chosen with a lot of patience and going through reviews on them.

So I am here to eliminate your burden. Go through this review and grab one from the MAC store.

MAC Plum Lip Pencil

Basic Information About MAC Plum Lip Pencil

PRICE- Rs. 1450.00 /- i.e., 22.32$

MAC Plum Lip Pencil 2

People generally refrain from buying this product and prefer other brands like Lakme and Maybelline because they are cheaper as compared to this brand.

If you are one among those, remember, there is only some profit they get out of selling these products. The ingredients and the process that takes for one lip liner to be manufactured are approximately ten days. Whatever wax, oil, alcohol, and pigment the manufacturers use in making this product are very expensive. That is the reason this is sold more in the cosmetics’ area. It is free from any chemicals which can harm your lips.

MAC Plum Lip Pencil 3


The lip pencil comes in a nice packaging, a thin cardboard box. There are three simple steps to use this.

Remove the lip pencil from its cover, open up the cap and apply!

My Experience with MAC Plum Lip Pencil

MAC Plum Lip Pencil 1



  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Light on lips
  • Too dark and super matte
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Product meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards


The prime reason behind which I have chosen this product is its color. There must be some change from the monotonous shade of your lips reflecting a red or a pink. Plum shade goes with any attire and is not so attention grabbing as the red is.

Another advantage of this product as compared to others is that this can also be used as a lipstick! I have personally applied this as a lipstick and haven’t noticed if there was a change as compared to applying a plum shade lipstick.



This is one among the products which are ever-lasting and safe. I do not use a Lakme product since it doesn’t suit my skin. Not to say that it shouldn’t be used, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Having problem with this, I gave a try on MAC, ending falling in love with that brand. I am sure if a girl gets addicted to MAC, she will like no other brand. I bet you cannot find a same shade in any other brand.

The primary thing I observed on applying this is that, it feels very light on the lips. It is weightless and almost carries a feeling of not have applied anything to my lips. Secondary being its multi-purpose nature. It is used as a lip liner and also a lipstick. Third reason is that this product is reused whenever possible, and it is suitable for daily use. You put on the lip liner, have water, juice or food, you do not see it fading away.

This lip liner can be paired with any brown or a nude shade. Give it on a try with ones you have. Your style may be copied by others!

MAC Plum Lip Pencil 5

Overall Performance of MAC Plum Lip Pencil

Lipstick is the least expensive and most popular cosmetic today. There are no correct statistics for the present shades of lip balm, since the market is expanding. I see many shades fading away but this one seems to be evergreen and also in trend right now! Don’t lose the opportunity to try out this shade.

The only thing that annoyed me was that the color of the shade shown online and purchased one didn’t match. But still, every color has its beauty and thus must be tried.

Would I Recommend?

I would surely recommend use of this product since it does not cause any kind of allergies and this is the main point that should be taken into consideration since lips are the most sensitive part of our body.

This can be a very good gift to your friend since the brand itself shows love and richness.


Please visit the MAC store to buy their products. I recommend not to order the MAC products online since there is a very large difference, of about 300 to 400 rupees online and at the store.

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