Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip 301 Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip 301 Is  For those looking for a coral shade of lipstick that has a glossy finish to it.

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip 301


INR 1750 for 7ml

My experience with the Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip 301


The product comes in a squeezy tube that is completely black and a strip of the color of the lip paint. The print is all in white. The tube comes in a box packaging which uses the same color code system…it has all the details mentioned on it. The tube in which the product comes in has a sponge at the mouth so it dabs on just the right amount of product onto the lips. So that’s good. But I’m not extremely impressed with the packaging, it’s just about okay.


The 301 lip shade is a poppy orange/ coral like the color. It will suit light to medium skin tones. If a very light coat is applied, it could suit darker tones. It’s a shade that can be played up or down, depending on the event.


The pigmentation of this product is quite good. It takes just a small amount of product to get color on the lips.


The product is very smooth and glides on easily onto the lips. However, you can feel the product on the lips.


I was expecting this to be a matte finish…more like a lip stain. Unfortunately, though, this stays on glossy, unless patted down to a matte look. If applied in a good quantity for full coverage, it does look and feel a tad bit powdery.

Transfer Proof

Since this is a glossy finish product, it does transfer a little. And if rubbed against, it does smudge too.


Now, this is not a product that everyone can afford. It’s highly priced, but then again, it’s one of the bigger brands.

Staying Power

I’m very disappointed with the staying power. I applied a very light coat of the product to give my lips a natural look, but it barely stayed on for an hour. However, when I applied it properly with full coverage, it did stay on for a few hours and through a meal too.

What do I like?
  1. Sponge applicator
  2. Nice shade
  3. Smooth texture
  4. Easy application
  5. Strongly pigmented
  6. Decent staying power
What do I not like?
  1. Highly Priced
  2. Average packaging
  3. Glossy finish
  4. Looks a little powdery
Would I repurchase & recommend?

No, I wouldn’t. I’m not very impressed with the product and it’s very highly priced. So a big no for me!

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