Maybelline Summer Sunset Lipstick Review

by Bhumika Gupta
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Maybelline Summer Sunset Lipstick is an extremely dark red shade, its undoubtedly a pretty bold color, I would say it is more suitable for ladies and not girls, as it’ll add numbers to your age! The lipstick has a royal maroon body, the cap fits tightly, currently, the body of the lipstick might have changed, but the name of the color and its shade is the same J.
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Rs. 285 might vary now

How to Use:

Apply it from your center lips towards the corners and then on your lower lip. The application is not very good as it bleeds, 2 applications should be enough. You will definitely need tissues after this! 🙂

My Experience with Maybelline Summer Sunset Lipstick

My experience has not been very amazing, the lipstick bleeds, the application requires time to be neat, I would say that the color is good, dark enough and also it does not dry, I like the stay of this.

Maybelline Color Sensational Summer Sunset Lipstick review 5

It will stay for about 3..3.5 hours. But honestly with my personal experience Maybelline has given a lot more better than this particular shade, it is not very satisfactory. The lipshade may also transfer, which definitely adds on to the cons more than its pros. I would say that it is not a very win win kinda shade and it is not at all for the day time!Maybelline Color Sensational Summer Sunset Lipstick review 4

  1. Pigmented
  2. Does Not Dry
  3. Dark Bold Color
  4. Easy To Carry
  1. Bleeds
  2. May transfer
  3. Cannot be used in day time at all.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

No, I would not recommend this shade because I personally did not like it! Even after having a good color also, the texture makes it not to be purchased again!

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