Nicka K Perfect 9 Colour Eyeshadow AP018

by Madhumita M
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Who is this for?  Nicka K Perfect 9 Colour Eyeshadow AP018 is for all my beauties out there who are in search of inexpensive palettes with a lot of shades for this party season.

Nicka K Perfect 9 Colour Eyeshadow AP018

Price: RS 550 for 14.1gm(value for money)

My Experience Nicka K Perfect 9 Colour Eyeshadow – AP018


The product comes in a square shaped transparent box. It helps you to see all the shades in the palate. The bottom of the product is completely black in color and has details about the ingredients of the products and also contains the bifurcation of blush and eye shadow in the palette. It comes with nine beautiful shades, two blush, and 7 eyeshadows. It has a double ended sponge tip applicator. Since it has flimsy packing, it does not travel-friendly.


The eye shadow has a powdery and shimmery texture. It has a heavy fall out on the application. The shadows are blendable but one needs a lot of product to show up on the lid.

The palate is for beginners and not for daily use.


The palette consists of two blushes and seven eyeshadows. The blushes are highly pigmented but have very less staying power. The blushes of the palate are also shimmery. There are two shades of blushes one is dark brick red and other is an orchid color. The blushes can also be used as eyeshadows as well.


The shades E1, E3, and E6 are nicely pigmented while the remaining shades are not very pigmented and hence should apply in the good amount on the lids. My favorite shade is E2 which is a campaign shade and can be used both for the day and night party look.

Staying Power:

The eyeshadows are shimmery and powdery and hence not for daily use. But also the staying power is very less and they can stay on the lid for 2-3hours. One can use a fix plus spray for the lasting stay. The shadows are not waterproof or sweatproof.


It has a soft fragrance.

What do I like?
  1. Affordable price- Value for money
  2. Nice shades
  3. Beautiful shimmer shades –Partywear
What I didn’t like?
  1. Fall out
  2. Need an eye primer to show up
  3. No shades for daily use
  4. Unusual colors for blush
Would I recommend it?

I would recommend this product to those girls, who love to wear colors on their eyes.

This is party wear make -up the product. It is also an affordable palate for beginners.

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