Nivea Crème Review

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Ever since I was a small child, I was enamored. Enamored by that beautiful blue tin that my mom had!! To be honest, blue is my favorite color. An NO other cream was in that rich blue tin!! I was so much in awe of it. When I grew up, believe it or not, that was THE first crème I bought for myself. Today it comes in a variety of plastic sizes…more practical. Let’s see where does this Nivea crème stand today among throes of others!

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What is it and who is it for?

The standard Nivea crème. Rich and thick.


Rs 200 for 200ml

Sensitive Skin Alert?


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What does the Brand Claim about Nivea Crème

Enriched with skin caring Eucerit; NIVEA Crème is an everyday, multipurpose crème which protects and gives relief from the damaged skin, leaving it healthy.
Rich and mild texture

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How to Use:

Apply on cleansed and toned skin.

My Experience with Nivea Crème

This crème comes in a standard blue tub packaging. The crème is very thick. It has a typical Nivea fragrance…pleasant…but very cream like. Now, this crème is rich…by rich, I mean oh boy rich!!

So where do you figure using it?

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This crème is excellent for those with very dry and mature aging skin. But such a thick heavy cream without any other antioxidants. Is it enough? No. It’s not enough. But here is what you use this for.

Consider this as your classic all-purpose cream. A massage cream…a pre-steam cream…an oil bath if you must!! This has limitless possibilities. My suggestion, use this as a cream to deal with very chapped and dry skin. Slather it on…let it be greasy….but let most of it absorb in.

Then simply go take a shower, use your regular soap/shower gel you like. I promise your skin will thank you for it!! Very dry skin, use it after a shower as well. It is really affordable!!

Positives of Nivea Crème

  • Thick rich cream
  • Suitable for massaging and relieving dryness
  • Affordable
  • Easily available

Negatives of Nivea Crème

  • Does not have any added antioxidants
  • Not suitable for oily/combination skin types

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Go for this as an affordable massage cream to deal with dryness. Especially suitable as a before shower body treatment once or twice a week, when you cannot bother much with an oil bath.

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