Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm Review

by Bhumika Gupta
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm is basically a moisturizing lip balm, which will make your lips soft and smooth; it gives a very little color to your lips, school girls! You can definitely wear it at your school! This is for anyone who wants a no lipstick look, like at home when you want to keep it natural, you can use it 2-3 times in a day. It comes in a stick form, which is red and white in color. The color of the balm is reddish orange, it’s a twist up packaging.


Rs 175 for 4.8gm

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm Review 1

How to Use:

Apply it normally on your lips, apply a good quantity, on your upper and lower lip, you will get a nice glossy and soft look. You can repeat it after 3-4 hours.

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm Review 2

My Experience with Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm

My experience has been lovely, it’s like one constant product for me; I don’t want much of colored lip balms, because that’s not the purpose of a lip balm, this makes my lips look soft and moisturized. The fragrance is nice but not too much of strawberry. It is quietly balanced. Also, it is very easy to carry it anywhere. Before using harsh matte lipsticks also you can moisturize your lips with it, or I would suggest, you can use it over any pink or red matte lipstick too. I repeat it after 3 hours. But just in case you have extra chapped and dry lips then you can go for a stronger lip balm.

 Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm Review 3

  1. Makes lips glossy
  2. Hydrates lips
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Smells nice but not too strong
  1. Just reapplication required.
  2. May not work on extra chapped and dry lips.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would any day recommend this lip balm, as it is great for the nourishment of our lips! Please don’t forget to moisturize your lips! Give this one a shot:)

Glossy Polish Verdict


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