NYX Round Lipstick Cocoa , Raisin and Milan Reviews and Swatches

by Neha V
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NYX Round Lipstick Cocoa, Raisin and Milan: I have a nice collection of NYX round lipsticks all thanks to my earlier shopping at Cherry Culture. Now, these have solid plus points along with glaring drawbacks, nevertheless, you have to try and own a few of these buttery creamy lipsticks, today I want to begin with these three shades, a brick brown, a light pink and a light chocolate color. Tell me which one is your favorite?

What is it and who is it for?

Creamy pigmented lipsticks. For those who don’t care for matte finishes 😉



NYX round Lipstick review and swatches 3

How to Use:

Apply on prepped lips.

My Experience with NYX  Creamy Round Lipstick Cocoa, Raisin and Milan

These have a lot of shades in various glossy and sheer finishes. You need to check the best shade for you and your skin tone. These can be great for dry lips. The packaging is nice with a cute little lipstick pot at the bottom; these lock well and can be carried.

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NYX round lipstick Cocoa:

Now there was a phase where we all used to love wearing brown, but if it is the right shade of brown then it can make your day. This shade is a light very glossy sheer to medium brown which can be worn by every skin tone IMO, this goes very well with smoky makeup or even with a nude makeup look. The glossy finish gives a pout to the lips.  Now the down side of these lipsticks is that the color lasts barely for an hour or even less if you eat. The texture is so light that it just vanishes. The buttery texture is almost like a lip balm and the lips drink up the lipstick!

NYX round Lipstick coco review and swatches


Now this is one glamorous lipstick to wear. It is satin and has a mild glossy look to it, the texture is thicker than the cocoa shade, the color is very intense and one coat is all you need. It is so buttery that it could bleed. The color stays one better than cocoa but does transfer. The shade is great for warm skin, though cool skin tones can avoid this shade.

NYX round Lipstick raisin review and swatches


This is a tricky light nude pink shade to wear, it could be little milky for Indian skin and can wash us out, this is more suited as a nude shade for cool skin tones: this again is very glossy and light and vanishes in no time.

 NYX round Lipstick Milan review and swatches

  1. Nice Creamy Texture
  2. NYX round lipsticks have a lot of shades to offer.
  3. The colors vary from bright to light, you can pick.
  4. The colors are very buttery and glossy most of the time
  1. The shades are so smooth that they do not last
  2. Some can bleed being so buttery
  3. The colors need to chosen carefully as the light pinks can really look unsuitable for Indian skin
  4. They melt and break easily, as they are smooth as butter.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, though they break and melt, they vanish in no time, but they do look amazing and they are smooth as butter. You got to own a few! But be ready for frequent touch ups 😉

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