NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha Review

by Smriti S

What if I tell you that a product can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, and a metallic lipstick? Exciting does it sound? The NYX pearl mania eyeshadows come in 24 different shades which can be used for multiple purposes. Today I will be reviewing the two shades NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha. Read on to know if this product is worth the hype or not.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha

Price and quantity

$3 for 5ml

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha 1

My experience with NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha


It comes in a cute bottle packaging. The cap is black in color. It is a screw cap kind of bottle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a stopper. Upon opening the bottle, and patting the tub, the product comes out and can be used. Use an eyeshadow brush or bare hands to apply the product

Colour and texture

The two shades are “mink” and “mocha”. It has a powdery, easy to blend kind of texture with no or minimal fallout


It doesn’t have any fragrance


Previously I have reviewed two other shades from the pearl mania range and I was impressed with the range and shade of product NYX comes out with. I purchased this since I found it pretty affordable and I wanted these shades since I feel they can be used for all occasion, even every day. I purchased the shades “mocha” and “mink”. Mocha is a brownish shade and mink is a light, rose-gold shade. They can be combined with other shades to create different eye looks. Prior to the application of this product, I suggest using an eyeshadow primer which will make the shade stay longer and make the color pop out. The product is powdery in nature which makes it easier to blend. There is minimal fall out of the product and no feathering or creasing. It doesn’t make the lids oily and can be used by people who have sensitive eyes. A few shades from this range can also be used as highlighters and to create metallic lipstick. It works great in all the three ways. In all, I love this product and will purchase all the remaining shades as well since I am in love with these cute little tubs. Even beginners in make-up can apply this easily and rock the eye looks. Girls, try this product and you will love it.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha 2

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow Pigments Mink And Mocha 3

  1. Great shades
  2. Great color pay-off
  3. Affordable
  4. No feathering
  5. Some shades can be used as highlighters
  6. Can be used to create metallic lipsticks
  7. No creasing
  8. Can be applied wet
  9. No fall off of the powdery product
  10. Easy to blend
  11. Little or no transfer
  12. Water-resistant
  13. Easy to carry and use
  14. Transparent tub makes the shade visible easily, hassle free application
  1. An eyeshadow primer prior to this is essential
  2. Availability in India is an issue
  3. Not matte, it is shimmery
Would I repurchase or recommend this?

Yes, I will definitely recommend these NYX eyeshadows to all makeup lovers and artists and will repurchase all the other shades since they are lovely. All these shades can be used on different occasions and they will just give the most beautiful eye makeup look ever.

Rating: 4.75/5

Glossypolish verdict: These cute little colorful tubs are sheer joy. They stay for long and come in amazing colors. These are must-haves in every makeup enthusiast’s make-up bag, especially if your weakness is shimmery, metallic eyeshadows. Glossypolish gives 4.75/5 for this product.

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Sreeparna Ganguly December 28, 2017 - 10:32 AM

Both the shimmers are gorgeous in terms of shade and glitter :love
Loved allll :love :love


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