Olay Moisturizing Cream – A Good Buy ?

by Rhea Kapadia
2 minutes read

Who Is It For? The Olay Moisturizing Cream is a face cream for people with normal to dry skin.

Olay Moisturizing Cream

How To Use?

Take a suitable amount of cream on your fingertips and dot it on a washed and toned face. Spread the cream evenly on your face using your fingertips.

Any Sensitivity Alert?


Price And Quantity

INR 299
Net Weight: 50g

My Experience with Olay Moisturizing Cream


The moisturizing cream comes in a plastic white jar with a black lid. The jar is then packed in a cardboard box.


The cream is opaque peach in nature and has a very creamy consistency. The consistency itself suggests the high moisturizing power that the cream holds.


It has a slight pleasant fragrance.


The cream claims to keep the skin moisturized and supple for 12 hours after application.


Olay has always been a good choice for affordable drugstore skincare. The Olay Moisturizing Cream has also not failed me. The packaging is very good. You can scoop out as much of product as you want. The packaging is very hustle free and the 50g jar is travel friendly as well. The consistency is also great. In spite its opaque nature, it does not leave a chalky residue on the face after application. It comes with a great absorption capacity and gets absorbed the moment you start spreading it on your face. It is perfect for my dry skin. It is highly moisturizing and still very light on the skin. It does not clog pores at all. It makes the skin supple and nourished. I have been using this cream for almost 4 months now and I am obsessed. I cannot go a day without using this cream. I apply this cream twice a day before I use my sunscreen and it keeps my skin nourished without making it look oily. Each 50g jar lasts me about a month which I feel is a good deal for its quality and price.

What I Like About This Product
  1. Consistency
  2. Packaging
  3. Nourishing
  4. Affordable
  5. Does not clog pores
  6. Easily absorbed
  7. Mild fragrance
What I Dislike About This Product?
  1. Not Suitable For Oily Skin
Would I Recommend A Purchase Or A Repurchase?

I am impressed with the results of this product considering its price. It is suitable for all seasons so I definitely recommend this product if you have the above skin type.

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