When Orient Electric Made Us #FansOfOrient !

by GlossyPolish Team
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Orient Electric: Pause for a moment and look at your ceiling fan. There is a pretty good chance that you will be met with the omnipresent Orient name there.

We live in a tropical country, fans are indispensable here. Orient Electric has been making fans since the time of our grandfathers, heck our great-grandfathers even.

But today, the humble fan has transformed into a technology marvel because of them. This here is our first-hand experience with how the oft taken for the granted machine; has turned into this aerodynamic gem!

orient electric 19

Factory Visit

A couple of weeks back, the Glossypolish team was invited to take a peek behind how fans were actually made. We visited the Faridabad plant of Orient Electric and were taken through the entire journey of this majestic organization.

orient electric 8

Their History

Their journey began in 1939, much before our Independence. A big milestone was the Orient PSPO development in 1990. I am pretty sure you remember their ad: ” YE PSPO NAHI JANTA..!”. 2008, 2011 and 2015 saw them foray into Lighting, Home Appliances, and Switch Gear Business.

The Brand Equity

They have operations spanning over 35 countries and have earned the trust of millions of customers by providing cutting-edge lifestyle electrical products. Orient Electric is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fans in India with more than 60% share in exports. Made in India, making India proud!

The Factory

Imagine how it would feel to see human efforts and cutting-edge technology side by side. This experience was such a moving one. There were assembly lines dedicated only to women keeping with their motto of women empowerment. The lines of men checking and cross-checking if the cutting edge machines were mounted properly. Each and every fan went through electronic parameter checking and then manual checking. How much effort goes into making one appliance that we use daily and never give much thought to!

orient electric 6

orient electric 7

orient electric 9

All About Innovation - The Next Generation of Fans

I am repeating verbatim: There is a lab in Calcutta owned and managed by Orient Electric,  where Fan have been On for more than 20 years!

Bernoulli gave his theorem in 1738 and now almost 300 years onwards the aircraft technology has revolutionized.

Wait what?!

We were talking about Fans, right?

Right..! The new generation of Orient Electric fans has adapted the latest Aircraft technology. It’s no longer a flat pane fan, its aerodynamics all the way. The wing shape, the double coil winding – all designed to serve two purposes – Minimum sound and maximum speed.

Imagine sitting anywhere in the room, even far away from a fan- a silent fan at that! And, you feel cool that only an air conditioner can provide. The cold air is made to rise up and surround you. You will literally be blown away.

Technology meets aesthetics with their latest range :

Aerocool – Launched in Feb 2018

orient electric 1

orient electric 16


Aerostorm – Launched in Jan 2018 

orient electric 4

orient electric 10

orient electric 11

They are super silent and so, very cooling. Notice the upturned wing tips and the way they slant.

Brilliant More Designs!
orient electric 2


orient electric 5

Luxury Look

orient electric 18

orient electric 17

orient electric 15

orient electric

Not just Ceiling Fans

orient electric

The New Designs

Needless to say, this factory visit has been an eyeopener. I will never just dismiss the ceiling fan again! When so much innovation and work goes into the development of something, and when the best is out there- you cannot help but make the right choice.

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