PAC Eye Lashes 61 Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
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Like most other women, I too dream of long, thick, curled eyelashes. Unfortunately, though, I was never blessed with them. So whenever I wanted to create that long thick eyelash look, I always sought the help of mascara. While that does the job to an extent, it doesn’t give a completely full look. And that’s where falsies make an entry. I first used eyelashes when I began doing makeup professionally. Sadly, it wasn’t on myself but on a client. And the way it looked, made me fall in love. Ever since then, I have been a big false eyelash fan.Today I will review the PAC Eye Lashes 61 .

PAC Eye Lashes 61 1

Basic Info  about PAC Eye Lashes 61


Rs 165

PAC Cosmetics is a professional makeup artist brand with an aim at bringing the highest quality, innovative cosmetic products to all makeup lovers and professional artists. The brand is known for their wide range of trendy makeup products, tools, brushes, and accessories.

Strip lashes that come in different lengths for ultimate customization and versatility, try PAC Eye Lashes – 61 now and flutter your lashes like a queen.

  • Suits your need with every makeup look you wish to create.
  • Strip lashes that are easy to apply and remove.
  • Available in different lengths to suit your needs.

PAC Eye Lashes 61 3

How to use

  • Apply lash glue(I use DUO) to the lash band and make sure its applied well to the ends
  • Wait for a couple of seconds till it dries and the glue becomes sticky
  • Apply just above the lash line
  • You can also use a tweezer to apply the lashes

PAC Eye Lashes 61 2

My Experience with PAC Eye Lashes 61

When I first started using eyelashes, I was using lashes by Uro Paris, which were very good and reasonable. After I came across PAC, it’s only been lashed by this brand. Now if you’ve read my previous reviews, you obviously know how much I love this brand. Everything, from the quality to the pricing, to the service…it’s all been fantastic. And the lashes too, have made it to my favorite list.

So, when I buy lashes from PAC, I usually buy a larger quantity in the no 54 and a few pieces in 61. Most brides and clients prefer lashes that are more natural looking and so 54 works well. I always keep a few pieces of 61 for those who are a little experimental and like to add a little drama. And for shoots too!!  The PAC Eye Lashes-61 come in a black cardboard box with a transparent front so that the lashes can be seen. When you open it, the lashes are placed in a plastic-like tray. The box has all the directions, which are extremely helpful.

What happens with a lot of lashes from other brands is that the size is not right and so it needs to be cut. But with the PAC lashes- 61, there’s no issue as it sits just right. The band too is thin and just perfect. The lashes are thick and have a good length to it. Also, its quality is wonderful…the lashes are extremely soft. Initially, when applied, it might feel a little heavy but after a few minutes, it settles in and won’t feel anything.

PAC Eye Lashes 61

The Eye Lashes-61 are super affordable and can be used on a special occasion. I wouldn’t recommend it for regular parties as this particular one isn’t very natural looking. If kept well and if it’s cleaned after using, it can be used a couple of times.

Positives of the PAC Eye Lashes- 61

  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Good Quality
  • Neat Packaging

Negatives of the PAC Eye Lashes- 61

  • No issues so far!

Would I recommend and repurchase?

Definitely. Going to stock up very soon!

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