Pamper Yourself – the Bathitup Way !

by Sone
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A true bath and body junkie knows โ€“ NOTHING can match the pleasure of a good fragrance!There is no denying the small, soul-satisfying happiness that a good relaxing bath gives. When you are cocooned in the comfort of an awesome smelling fragrance, you know you can rule the world!

I know, I do ๐Ÿ˜‰


Abroad and esp. in USA and UK you have a mind-boggling array of choices with Bath and Body Works, Victoriaโ€™s Secret, Soap & Glory, Rose &Co, Patisserie de Bain etc.

Ranging from sweet fruits, soft floral to every imaginable kind of yum food fragrances!

Bathitup 4

The trouble is, here in India we donโ€™t really have much of a choice.Either, itโ€™s the fruity and fresh line, with no sillage(aka fragrance will not stay). Or it is The โ€œIndianโ€ overtly exotic floral/ woody range(toooooo much Ayurvedic/ Herbal). There is just no balance!

For example, I and Navs have literally HUNTED for a good Vanilla fragrance after Body Shop discontinued their duos…2013 to 2017 now.Not a single replacement!!

Shipping good products from abroad and every time paying a bomb on customs duty, is not at all sensible. Just yesterday, Aaakriti and I were discussing the Smashbox opening and how great would it be, if these international brands were easily available in India.

Most International brand products are more expensive in India than they are anywhere else.Paying the same price for which they retail abroad, is THE DREAM!

This is why I am sharing an awesome find with you guys.

Bathitup has bought TWO extremely popular bath and body brands to India: Rose &Co and Patisserie de Bain .

Bathitup 8

The BEST part? They are selling those products at EXACTLY the same price at which they are sold abroad !


I loved the concept so much that we got in touch with Sambhavana Vasant. Bathitup is her Brainchild.

We asked her: Why Bathitup?

Sambhavana says:

“Bath It Up was started for all bath and body enthusiasts who appreciate luxury products. It thrives on bringing the best bath and body brands from around the world to your doorstep. The idea was to reach the customers who love to try new brands and would love it if they are available to them in India. Me being a bath and body product’s enthusiast, every time I travel abroad, on my way back I have a bag full of just different brands that offer unique bath and body products. And the aim is to bring these brands to people like me right here at home! Right now we have two of the cutest bath and body brands from the UK called Patisserie de Bain and Rose & Co.”


See, nailed the point I have been making!

Bathitup 2

I just wish more people thought this way and made shopping easier for us ๐Ÿ˜›

The child in a candy shop! That is EXACTLY how you will feel when you explore their products:


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Bathitup 1


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Wow..This sounds very exciting.

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These cuppycakes are a dream !!!